Pandora Agency constitutes three-person advisory board

In recognition of strategic decision-making and ideation as key to creating sustainable impact, Pandora Agency, a burgeoning start-up in the communications sector, has constituted its board of advisors with top business executives and founders making the list.

The three-person board of advisors is composed of names like Christopher Akande, group product manager, Spotify; Oludamola Akindolire, a building professional with over a decade of experience in the real estate industry; and Chidimma Helen Onyeokoro, founder of KL Advisory, an end-to-end consulting and advisory company founded over 12 years ago.

Passionate about scaling product teams and mentoring product managers, Akande formerly worked at as vice president, Technology Operations, where he scaled the TechOps team and led the Product Team at Zalando.

While Akindolire, who started his career as a project supervisor with Mydas Homes before moving on to Hedgestone Capital as a real estate investment and research analyst, has incredible experience in project management, assets management, and a host of others; Chidimma comes with 15 years of experience as a c-suite executive and a business leader who sits on the board of various organisations both locally and internationally.

Their job will be to provide counsel on how best the company can provide tailor-made solutions that address clients’ needs, develop and finetune strategies that will lead to the organisation’s overall success.

The management of Pandora Agency believes that the constituents of the board come with tremendous experience. It needs to scale up as an organisation as they have helped co-found, managed, and kicked-off start-ups across sectors, especially in emerging markets like Nigeria.

They also have the same principles as Pandora Agency and they can bring a lot to the table in terms of technical skills and soft skills, said Kehinde Ruth Onasoga, principal consultant Pandora Agency, in a statement announcing the board members.

She said the move to set up the board aligned with the organisation’s goals to expand within the next couple of years and have investors on board and scale-up in strategic marketing and communication.

It is also Onasoga’s desire that the agency would be seen as a thought-leader in the industry; hence, having the right people on board is critical to its success.

She also noted that the members have the same principles, which is very important because there is no way the agency would succeed if they all came with different principles.

“They have done this before, and they have been able to scale through and build successful businesses,” she said. “As an organisation, we know we need guidance, we need the right set of people to be on board, advising in the background to the success of the business and having them on board will definitely propel us to where we seek to be in the future.”

Pandora Agency is a strategic marketing, and communications company focused on developing quantifiable marketing strategies and their execution for her clients across formal and informal sectors. It develops end-to-end marketing solutions, ensuring measurement is attained with each strategy.

In Onyeokoro’s view, the agency is a resolute company with huge potential, stating that she believes that the newly constituted board will see that the organisation maximises the growth opportunities within its emerging market in impacting businesses, leveraging measurable marketing strategies in its approach.

“I am pleased to lend my expertise and experience in propelling Pandora Agency to the next phase of her growth process. Under the leadership of Kehinde Ruth Onasoga, I have witnessed her tenacity and grit in creating a well-rounded company even with the current business climate. The exciting opportunities will be endless with Pandora as the board will strengthen its position as an organisation,” said Akande.

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