• Friday, March 01, 2024
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Myles Leadership University signs transformative MoU with OLCA Coaching

Myles Leadership University signs transformative MoU with OLCA Coaching

Myles Leadership University (MLU) has signed a transformative Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with OLCA Coaching Limited, solidifying a strategic partnership that will shape the future of leadership education. The historic signing ceremony took place in Lagos on February 5, 2024.

The collaboration between MLU and OLCA Coaching Limited represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of delivering a comprehensive and impactful leadership development programme. This partnership is founded on a shared commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders who will contribute positively to society.

The signing ceremony held at OLCA Coaching Limited Lagos office in Nigeria was attended by key dignitaries, including Mathew Mario, Director of Programmes, [Africa] at MLU, and Olusola Lanre, Founder and Chief Catalyst at OLCA Coaching Limited

“This strategic partnership with OLCA Coaching Limited is a testament to our dedication to providing our students with a holistic education that goes beyond traditional academic boundaries,” said Mathew Mario, a doctor. “Together, we aim to create a dynamic learning environment that fosters leadership skills, critical thinking, and a strong sense of social responsibility.”

Lanre Olusola, also a doctor popularly known as The Catalyst and Africa’s Premiere Life, Mind, and Behavioural Change expert, shared his enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the collective impact they hope to achieve. “Our alliance with Myles Leadership University is a step towards shaping leaders who not only excel in their professional endeavors but also contribute to the betterment of their communities,” he said.

The strategic partnership outlined in the MoU encompasses collaborative initiatives such as joint research projects, exchange programs, and the co-development of specialized leadership and coaching courses. Both institutions are eager to leverage their unique strengths to offer students and organizations an enriched and diverse educational experience.

The partnership aligns with MLU’s broader mission of fostering innovation, leadership, and social responsibility. The university looks forward to the positive outcomes arising from this collaboration and the lasting impact it will have on shaping the leaders of tomorrow.