• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Marketing experts proffer gentle resolution, care in dealing with aggrieved customers

Satisfaction to loyalty – The long treacherous road

The need to handle aggrieved customers with gentleness and empathy in the current fast-paced world of business, where customer satisfaction is paramount, has been proffered by marketing and brand experts.

The experts gave this advice at the West Africa Innovation awards last weekend in Lagos with the theme : Innovation and Customer service : The Strategic business edge of the future’.

They believe that as competition intensifies and consumers become more discerning, brand owners should increasingly recognise that the key to maintaining loyalty and trust lies in how they address customer grievances.

At the forum, David Onabajo, Managing Director of Meyer Plc said every business sometimes faces circumstances when a customer is aggrieved. According to him, handling these circumstances with care can turn a negative experience into a positive one, thereby fostering long-term relationships and enhancing the company’s reputation.

In his view, Kene Ofoh of Abuja Electric Distribution Company said a gentle and empathetic approach can help in assuaging aggrieved customers, making the customer feel heard and valued.

He however said dealing with aggrieved customers gently depends on how organisations set up their structures when such circumstances occur. He said this action of appeasing the customer must flow from the top.

Catherine Nwosu, Managing Director of Africa Prudential Plc who shared instances of aggressive moments with customers proffered that being patient and not being confrontational will solve situations.

The experts believe that primary benefits of dealing with aggrieved customers gently are the potential to convert dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates. They also believe that gentle resolution of complaints can provide valuable insights into areas where a business can improve.

Abidemi Adesanya, project director of the award said the event which is in its 13 edition is geared toward encouraging greater innovation, creativity and more importantly applauding customer service excellence and effective marketing strategy that deliver results.

Some of the awardees include Sovereign Trust Insurance; Abuja Electricity Distribution Company; STL Trustees; Africa Prudential Plc and Meyer Plc.