• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Investor says positive human relations give start-ups competitive edge

Investor says positive human relations give start-ups competitive edge

… Inspires MSMEs at Ignite 360 Summit to scale sales

Tade Cash, a business educator and an entrepreneur has told upcoming entrepreneurs who want to scale their businesses that their ability to know how to relate with people is the most competitive advantage in business.

According to him, in today’s competitive marketplace, it is not enough to have a great product or service, but businesses must also cultivate positive relationship with people who make their businesses possible.

Tade Cash spoke last weekend at a-two day Entrepreneurial Master class designed to unleash potentials, business market strategies, and elevating skills for African start-ups, hosted by Ignite 360 Summit organisers.

He said that business is a human thing and “we are in people’s business, so you don’t make money in things but from people, through people and by people”. By prioritising human relations, businesses can ensure that they scale up and have a sustainable competitive advantage and be able to weather any challenge.

The business educator told the audience made up of business start- ups that in business, don’t just sell your product, but establish a relationship with customers by clarifying their problem, solving the problem, understanding their past pains and experiences, sell the pay off by telling them what the product you are selling will do for them and follow up after sales by reinforcing their decision of purchasing the product.

Advised the start-ups to always change their strategies that are not working, he told them not to be overwhelmed by socio-economic challenges as some people have become successful in those situations.

According to him, “opportunity is not scare but capacity is scare. You build capacity and the more capacity you build the more opportunity you will attract. In Nigeria today, we are facing adversity. We have to grow our capacity to overcome the adversity to a level where the adversity becomes an opportunity to do bigger things in life”.

On why the summit was organised, Joy Eghebi, a digital marketing coach and convener of Ignite 360 Summit told BusinessDay she realised that entrepreneurs need help in different aspects of their business life and this motivated her to form the Ignite 360 summit and the masterclass with the intention to meet the needs of entrepreneurs in sales.

“For me there is no platform that brings all their needs together. It is either the start-ups are paying for one course or the other which is expensive when the courses are separated. What I did was to create a two day programme that brings many courses together and brought experts to teach them. Here they have opportunity to learn so much at a much subsided rate”.

Joy who founded Jacbell Media, one of the popular digital marketing agencies also authored a book –NoBullshit – a guide to business. She said the book is about what nobody can tell you about business.

One of the participants at the maiden edition of the summit, Ogurombi Adiola, who sales women clothes Online said her main aim is to broaden her horizon and know more about business and how to capture online space.

Hajia Amin who said she helps people to spend less on medication by providing products that make them enjoy consistent good health said she came to learn how to scale her business.

She sells therapeutic products instead of drugs like boxers that prevent prostate cancer in men and products that stop different challenges.

For Dili, times have changed and it is important to keep reforming, learn, relearn and unlearn.“ The reason I came to Ignite 360 is that I want somebody to speak to me physically so that I will be able to receive practical knowledge and not just the online teaching”. She said. Knowledge is important and without it, you may not be able to know where you are going, what to do and how to do it when to do it and with whom to do it.

Aminu Sodiq who is into importation said he attended the programme to learn business ideas and strategies