• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Ikeja City Mall strengthens bond with customers with Valentine treat


As Leo Buscaglia, an author, says “Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.” It is in this same spirit that Ikeja City Mall has concluded arrangements to reward 10 of its customers who emerged winners in its Valentine promotion.

The winners who bought goods worth over N25,000 at ICM will however attend a candle light dinner  with their couples or lovers put together for them at Bheer Hugs.

Kunle Olukoju of ICM said last week at the draw of the winners that the promo had been running from February 1, 2014, as a way of preparing people for this year’s Valentine.

The 10 lucky couples for the candle light dinner were immediately contacted  through phone numbers on the duplicate of their receipts to come with their loved ones to the dinner scheduled for the Valentine day. The draw was the first phase of the promo.

Some of the winners which were picked from Montaigne Place, Tru Worth, Samsung Experience Store and LG stores, expressed their gratitude on phone to Ikeja City Mall for the promo.

Having in mind that many will love to travel with their loved ones, ICM is extending the second phase of the promo to first week of March 2014, with a grand prize of one week all expense paid trip to South Africa or Kenya. This can be converted to $1,500 worth of shopping voucher at the instance of the winner.

The second prize will be a $900 worth of shopping voucher and the third price will be $600 worth of shopping voucher.

Records say the story of Valentine’s day began during the heyday of the Roman Empire, which held a festival every February. This Lupercian Festival was held in honour of the God of Fertility and during the festivities young men would get to choose their mate. At the time marriage was a common occurrence, but when Claudius became Emperor he changed all of that. Fearing that men would refuse their duty to fight because they would not want to leave their wives behind, he outlawed all marriages. Young couples still fell in love though and still wished to marry and they took these desires to the Catholic Bishop Valentine who, understanding love, began to secretly marry couples. When Claudius found out, he had Valentine arrested and ordered put to death.

By: Ifeoma Okeke