• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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How Jobberman is leveraging AI to bridge unemployment gap

How Jobberman is leveraging AI to bridge unemployment gap

In a country grappling with unemployment, Jobberman Nigeria, a recruitment and job search platform, has commenced usage of technology – artificial intelligence – to connect talents or job seekers with employment opportunities.

“Jobberman Nigeria is part of The African Talent Company (TATC), which tackles unemployment issues across Africa. This is a problem that affects multiple African countries, and by working together, we can combat it effectively,” Oreoluwa Boboye, the CEO of Jobberman Nigeria, explained in an interview with BusinessDay.

Speaking on the platform’s innovations, Boboye pointed out features like AI-driven job matching, automated recruitment, and soft skills training.

He shared an example of a candidate securing three jobs through the platform’s AI-powered solutions, which expedited the matching process.

“These innovations benefit both job seekers and employers, enabling them to make informed decisions and grow,” he added.

Boboye also explained the rationale behind the digital training initiatives, done in collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation.

He said, “We initiated these projects to counter the impact of COVID-19 on education and skills acquisition.”

He further mentioned that feedback from employers highlighted the lack of important work ethics in many Nigerian graduates.

“Jobberman stepped in by providing digital training to job seekers,” he stated.

“Our goal is to bridge skill gaps that employers often encounter and we have successfully trained over 1.2 million individuals in soft skills and financial literacy. Adapting to challenges and offering effective solutions is in our DNA.”

Looking ahead, Boboye envisions Jobberman becoming a trendsetter in employment.

He stated, “Our aim is to be the ultimate platform for job seekers and employers. By addressing skill gaps, providing relevant training, and fostering innovation, we intend to contribute significantly to Nigeria’s employment landscape, benefiting both job seekers and employers.”

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The CEO emphasised the company’s commitment to social impact, saying, “Our core mission is connecting people to jobs. We understand that successful companies thrive with the right people. Jobberman was created to democratize job access, breaking down barriers that limited job searching to newspapers and personal networks.”

As the platform enters its 15th year, Boboye envisions Jobberman solidifying its role as a bridge between job seekers and employers, while continuing to drive positive changes in employment dynamics.

He concluded, “In a rapidly changing job market, our technological expertise and dedication to empowering individuals and businesses showcase our lasting impact on Nigeria’s economic progress and human potential.”

Founded in 2009, Jobberman has evolved from a simple job search platform into a comprehensive career hub.