• Friday, June 14, 2024
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Henkel hosts Nigerian Idol finalists to Waw Party in Lagos

Henkel hosts Nigerian Idol finalists to Waw Party in Lagos

Henkel, a German multinational engaged in industrial and consumer businesses, maker of WAW and Nittol detergent brands, has hosted the top five finalists of the Nigerian idols season 8 to victory party in Lagos as part of its commitment to developing and empowering youth and celebrating talents in the country.

The Waw Party took place at a glitzy Shiro Lagos restaurant in the heart of Victoria Island where the brand celebrated the exceptional talents of the top five contestants. It also provided an opportunity for the contestants to unwind and network before the final stage of the competition.

Speaking at the event, , Rajat Kapur, Managing Director of Henkel noted that Henkel is deeply committed to contributing to Nigeria’s economic growth and empowering its communities through sponsorship of various initiatives including the Nigerian Idol.

“We will continue to invest in talent development, create sustainable employment opportunities, and drive impactful CSR initiatives. Our aim is to foster long-term growth and make a meaningful difference in the lives of Nigerians, thereby solidifying our position as a multinational company that truly cares about the country and its people”, Kapur added.

“In Henkel, one of the objectives with any of our sponsorships whether its Big Brother Naija, Nigerian Idol or MBGN, is to enrich lives and empower young Nigerians; as we believe through these platforms, they would be able to build their careers and get propelled to stardom in the near future’’ he added.

Ivie Akalu, Head of Marketing, Henkel, also emphasized the company’s commitment to supporting young creative talents in the country which engendered the partnership with Nigerian Idol.

According to Akalu, the Waw Party was organized to celebrate the showmanship of the budding talents who, through sheer hard work, discipline, and a sense of dedication, have enrolled themselves among the outstanding talents of the Nigerian music industry.

“We recognize the immense potential of young individuals in driving societal progress, and Nigerian Idol provides an exceptional platform to nurture and showcase such talents. By supporting this renowned talent show, we aim to continue to foster a culture of excellence, provide opportunities for aspiring artists, and contribute to the growth and empowerment of Nigerian youth”, said Akalu.

She further stated: “By aligning with the Nigerian Idol show, we are highlighting our brand’s predilection for excellence and promoting the same, especially among Nigerian youths who aspire to reach for the top. It aligns perfectly with our core values of innovation, growth, and social responsibility. Through this partnership, we always aim to empower and inspire young Nigerians to pursue their dreams.”

The finalists, Ose Daniel, Goodness, Victory, Precious Mac, and Quest, were celebrated amidst high-profile guests present at the event. The budding musicians serenaded the audience at the party with soul-lifting rendition of thrilling songs with their sonorous voices.

Chidera Akwuba, Transformation & PAG Manager, Henkel noted that the brand leverages the partnership to directly address the needs of talented youths, enabling them to unlock their potential and contribute to society.