• Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Grand Square installs 1.3mw solar system to power retail outlets

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Grand Square has partnered with Daystar Power, a leading provider of solar power solutions to West Africa’s industrial manufacturers, to install 1.3MW solar systems to power three of its retail stores across Nigeria.

Grand Square signed a Solar-as-a-Service (SaaS) agreement with Daystar Power (“Daystar”) to design, operate and manage 1.3MW solar power systems at its Abuja, Lagos (Ikeja) and Kano stores.

Daystar installed 550kW and 230kW solar systems at its Abuja and Kano store locations. The rooftop installations consisted respectively of 1,048 525Wp panels and 438 525Wp panels. Both systems were a mix of rooftop, ground mounted and carport installations.

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For its Lagos (Ikeja) outlet, Daystar installed a rooftop 600kW solar plant consisting of 1,143 525Wp panels. With the three solar power plants, Grand Square will offset a total 5,102 MT in CO2 emissions over the installations’ twenty-year lifetime and save up an average 44 percent on its power costs.

According to a statement from the retailer, it made the switch to solar energy because of the dual benefits of cost savings and sustainability.

Grand Square receives large cost savings, as solar is now the primary daytime source for its three stores. For its Ikeja location, the solar plant powers an astounding 86 percent of its daytime power consumption.

“We felt strongly about reducing our dependence on polluting and noisy diesel generators to power our retail outlets. Solar energy was a no-brainer for us: we’re saving significantly on our electricity costs and helping the environment,” said a Grand Square executive.

“We’re delighted to work with Grand Square and power their store locations with solar energy so that they can go back to focusing on their core business,” said Jasper Graf von Hardenberg, CEO and co-founder of Daystar Power.