• Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Futuretech partners Criteo to expose Open Web for limitless Online, measurable advertising

Futuretech partners Criteo to expose Open Web for limitless Online, measurable advertising

Futuretech, known for next generation technology solutions has entered into partnership with Criteo, global AI based Technology Company to offer Nigerian advertising community measurable and boundless access to online audience engagement through Open Web.

Open Web is said to be the traffic that exists outside the traditional (Google, Facebook, other major platforms) digital space.

It is estimated that over 60 percent of online consumer traffic for inquiries and research go through Open Web. Therefore the space is said to offer huge opportunities for advertising. OpenWeb improves online conversation, expert say.

Speaking in Lagos at future technology expo with the theme “Bridging the gap between your KPIs and Advertising “ Itohan Izugbokwe, country manager of Future Tech Media Nigeria said the company in partnership with Criteo has technology solutions that help brands to achieve more than they will achieve through traditional advertising methods.

Describing Criteo as powerhouse for digital advertising in commerce and retention objectives, she said “we are bringing Criteo to Nigeria to help brands, agencies and clients to optimise their digital campaigns, ensuring that campaigns are trackable, measurable and it gives positive outcomes for the clients’ budget”.

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Itohan said the objective of Futuretech Expo partnership with Criteo is to scale the environment of digital in Nigeria to ensure that clients are running more performance- based campaigns and reaching their objectives in a smarter and faster way.

“Though companies have been running campaigns based on certain metrics but we are introducing them to a smarter, better, more optimised way and more value for the budget they have put in for their campaigns”

She further said that the smarter way of advertising helps track not just generic objectives like awareness and engagement but more performance based objectives like orders, sales and retentions objectives that brands are more passionate about.

Also speaking at the event, Olisamaka Obioha, sales manager for Middle East and Africa for Criteo discussed how his company can fit into clients marketing strategy and the value Criteo brings marketing objectives.

“Criteo is a global AI based and tech company and we support companies in different verticals to be able to achieve their retention and acquisition goals by intelligently engaging customers online to acquire, engage and convert customers online”.

As a leader in commerce media , Obioha said Criteo is able to give extensive reach across the open internet and help clients to activate more hyper relevant audiences to achieve their objectives either for retention or acquisition goals.

James Ezeoke, Snr sales manager for Hippo Ad, one of the participants at the Futuretech Expo told BusinessDay that Open Web is the next phase of advertising platform.He said established brands in different industries still have more consumers to reach who are in open web.