• Monday, December 11, 2023
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Firm earmarks $100M for distributors to expand operations

Femi Oye, chief executive officer, Green Energy United (GEU)

Global firm, Green Energy United (GEU) is pressing ahead with its bold campaign to reward its distributors with an aggregated $100 million reward for productivity and expansion.

Femi Oye, chief executive officer, speaking during the launching of the company and its products in Lagos, said the GEU has created an opportunity to help Nigerians reach a millionaire revenue threshold, which marks them as significant contributors to the economy.

The achievement, according to him, appears to be rare in the business world as very few companies have a compensation plan that assists its distributors to make $50,000 or more in a single year.

The company, he explained, partner Nigerians to sell eco-friendly products, operate in several markets.

He noted that the company was impacting the economy by creating jobs and wealth as there were giving examples of successful entrepreneurs in line to achieve the greatness they were capable of.

In order to achieve uniform success across board, he continued that the company has created a simple and duplicable system is necessary to generate $100 million achievements and the various leaders have been empowered to maintain incredible consistency in the form of support tools, training materials and back-end support.

As company is on the path of extraordinary growth, he said attention is paid to the personal development and growth of the distribution teams, adding that the compensation system does not just reward but support a cultural mindset that attracts people and keep them there.

Lillian Aremu, general manager, GEU, recalled that the company started as a nongovernmental organisation known as SMEFUNDS.

In the bid to establish a sustainable funding model, she said the organisation metamorphosed into a social enterprise, which is today driving one of the largest and fastest growing bio ethanol for domestic and lighting programmes in Africa as well as promoting the use of clean cook stoves.

As a target, she said the organisation is working on a plan to reach every Nigerian home to switch to Kike Green Stoves and to use biofuel ethanol gel for their cooking.

Omobola Raymond, a key distributor and frontline network, in her remarks, hailed GEU as an outstanding organisation that has created a positive environment where people, have the ability to grow into strong leaders capable of successfully replicating business achievements through others.

One way of accomplishing this, she explained is by providing new entrants with leadership skills training upon joining the company and as they climb through the different levels of the organisation.

Also, Ola Olatunbosun, another distributor said the company offers a flexible, self-employed opportunity through the MLM distribution method for those interested in selling eco-friendly stoves and the distributors earn a commission for the products they sell, as well as bonuses and incentives through the programme.

He posited that the company’s unique products were safer and cleaner ethanol gel with unique patented cook stoves, adding that they were meant for low income households.

Felix Adamolekun said the company’s objective is to be a forefront research and development centre exploring low cost energy solutions, inspired by nature and advanced by cutting-edge science. According to him, the company’s product line includes soaps and energy stoves.

During an opportunity talk session, Karis Olaniyi stressed the importance of achieving the universal access target laid out in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7, which projects introducing 300 million people to clean cooking between now and 2030. This, according to her, means a lot in terms of health and time-savings.

Achieving universal access to clean cooking, she indicated, would strengthen the domestic supply chain for a clean energy transition. She observed that there was a level of comfort in the organisation as there was much to earn in terms of the market potential, and growing demand globally for clean energy products.

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She expressed that the company was putting a lot of innovation and technology in the hands of Nigerians through its clean energy transition campaign.

According to her, GEU is one of those energy industries of the future providing an opportunity to accelerate the country‘s clean energy transition.

Clearly, she noted that the company’s targets and the commitment to research and innovation were commendable, and that scaling up renewable energy was a win-win area to deliver development results and contribute to the global climate goals.