Dufil Prima adopts new CSR strategy, offers free meals to Nigerians on bank queues

Dufil Prima Foods Plc, markers of Indomie Noodles, Nigeria’s leading instant noodles brand, has adopted a new corporate social responsibility and marketing approach that enables it to showcase its products to consumers.
The company recently took advantage of the opportunity provided by the present long queue in Nigerian banks to put smiles on consumers’ faces by providing free meals.

Due to the scarcity of naira notes occasioned by the Central Bank of Nigeria’s currency redesign policy, many Nigerians have been seen in long queues at banks trying to make cash withdrawals, foregoing food as a result.

This situation prompted Indomie to send out its Kitchen Trucks to various banks with long customer queues to provide free meals to people.

Customers who were initially not in the line had to quickly join as meals were only served to those in the queue. To observers, it was a swift transition from frowning and frustration to smiling and sharing jokes as consumers enjoyed their favourite Indomie flavours.

Tope Ashiwaju, the group corporate communications and event manager at Dufil Prima Foods Plc, described the move as a corporate social responsibility strategy as it enables the company to give back to society.

“We are aware of the precarious situation Nigerians have found themselves due to the cash crunch experienced in the last couple of weeks and as a caring and socially responsible brand that prides itself in its altruistic nature, Indomie decided to extend a helping hand by providing food to Nigerians who are in various queues at different banks across Lagos.

“Our decision to be there for Nigerians in these trying times is borne out of the desire to demonstrate to them that we see and hear them even when things are difficult for everyone. And as a brand, we will continue to explore ways to put a smile on their faces,” Ashiwaju said.

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The Indomie Kitchen Trucks have been spotted moving around and making a stop at different banks to deliver packs of cooked Indomie noodles to bank customers in long queues at ATM points to the delight of recipients who have praised the brand for the thoughtful gesture.

Over the years, Indomie has endeared itself to the heart of its consumers all over Nigeria not only on account of its unrivalled and unique taste but also its ability to listen and respond swiftly to the yearnings of its consumers.

Its consumer-centric campaigns such as the ‘Show Some Love’ promotion enabled the brand to win several consumer-influenced awards.

Indomie Noodles has also won other consumer awards including the Brandcom Awards for ‘Most Iconic Noodles Brand of the Year 2022,’ and the ADVAN Awards for the ‘Consumer Choice for the Brand of the Year Award 2022’.