• Monday, May 27, 2024
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Covid-19 pandemic: Access Bank’s latest TVC underscores the importance of tough choices

Access Bank reiterates commitment to service excellence

When a brand like Access Bank reminds and appreciates millions of people globally for their tough choices and sacrifices aimed at slowing the Covid-19 pandemic, such honour comes with an amazing feeling.

This is what the latest campaign by Africa’s largest retail bank by customer base has done as it appreciates individuals and businesses not only in Nigeria but globally who have taken various voluntary tough decisions to flatten the curve of the pandemic which has had a devastating impact on lives and livelihood.

The Television Commercial entitled, ‘Tough Choices’ is an advertising campaign created by SO&U for Access Bank that is an ode to everyday heroes across Nigeria – and the world – who are choosing not to be selfish by deliberately making selfless, inconvenient decisions needed for the common good. The campaign aims to celebrate these people while inspiring others to do the same.

The campaign says, “Times like this call for tough choices and we see you making them every day, like choosing to stay indoors, choosing to give up time with friends you love for the common good.

“Giving up things you love, your favourable hangouts, your favourable walk-outs, the stitches, the beaches, the Owambes. Choosing to put your life on the line to help those who need a lifeline.

“Choosing to change the way you do business even though you can’t afford to – because you really can’t afford not to. Choosing to stand back when all you want to do is draw closer, because sometimes, the hardest thing to do is the right thing to do.

“To everyone, making tough choices for a brighter tomorrow, we choose to say thank you”. The campaign is inspiring, emotive and friendly.

The TV commercial which is appreciative to millions of people globally who have made sacrifices to slow the spread of Covid-19 is a master piece from the stable of one of Nigeria’s most creative and influential advertising agency, SO&U with its consistency in churning out exceptional award winning creative works. Tough choices reflects how all have made tough choices that are for the good of all.

Tough Choices is simply a celebration of individuals and businesses that are making sacrifices beyond the needs of today for tomorrow.

Globally, the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic did not only present a health crisis but it came with business and economic disruptions that the world is grappling with. Presently, with over 30 million people infected and about 950,000 dead, the pandemic has altered relationship and business models.

Nigeria’s case is not different. The country is currently counting over 58,000 cases with 1,102 deaths. Though the rising cases are flattening, according to officials but the protective measures are still in force which have not brought back normalcy in relationship and businesses. Covid 19 remains an active threat to existence.

However, as the government continues to relax measures put in place to curtail the spread of the virus, following the flattening curves, the battle of survival from the impact of the pandemic will continue to rest heavily on individuals and businesses. They are expected to continue to make responsible choices such as social distancing, avoiding favorite hangouts, ‘owambes’, working from home and wearing masks to curtail the further spread of the virus. This is obviously for the common good. Often, these are choices requiring sacrifices – tough choices, for a brighter tomorrow.

The Tough Choices commercial campaign is opening hearts on personal responsibilities, changing perspectives of heroism and galvanizing support from individuals and corporates to assist in slowing down the spread of the virus. When this is done, a brighter tomorrow will be assured.