Consumers say preference for Chivita Ice Tea fueled by natural ingredients

Traditionally, consumers buy beverages with a main focus on their taste, price, and convenience.

However, as consumption knowledge advances, consumers are paying more attention to the beneficial health value of their Ready-to-Drink beverages, particularly as it concerns the use of all-natural ingredients, nutritional value and artificial sweeteners.

For instance, a cross section of consumers interviewed has expressed their preference for Chivita Ice Tea. The brand, according to a statement has continued to appeal to consumers with its unique intrinsic product benefits of all-natural ingredients, source of Vitamin C, and its superior taste with no artificial sweeteners. “Chivita Ice Tea is a refreshing tea extract beverage with real fruit juice, offering consumers the natural health benefits of tea extracts as well as real fruit juice, all in one.

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Chikodi Okonkwo, a nurse, said that after a sweltering hot day, her beverage preference for hydration and rejuvenation is Chivita Ice Tea. “I have come to cherish Chivita Ice Tea not only for its refreshing taste, but also for its good quality which are key considerations for consumers like me with a keen eye for health and wellness,” she noted.

Rasheed Olukoya, a civil servant, stated, “Ice tea consumers like myself are becoming more savvy and adventurous, putting a premium on quality and health consideration in addition to great taste. Chivita Ice Tea fits the bill when I need a quick boost. It is a perfectly healthy choice with natural taste.”

For CHI Limited, according to Marketing Director, Toyin Nnodi, the positive feedback provides added motivation for the company to continue to innovate to meet consumers’ needs at all points in time.

Chivita Ice Tea, according to a statement contains antioxidants. Antioxidants have been known to fight free radicals in the body, reduce stress and aid mental rejuvenation

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