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CMOS, Head of Corporate Communications to identify top brands in Nigeria 2021

The 2021 annual Top brand evaluation in Nigeria, which has now become like a report card from which major top corporate brands in the country have a feel of their brand positioning from the consumer’ points of view is taking a new dimension this year.

A key component of this annual evaluation is the Top of the Mind survey. This is a test of consumer’s cognitive ability of major brands in Nigeria, which from observations are influenced by relationship and affinity.

According to Top 50 Brands Nigeria, the firm that evaluates and rates top corporate brands in Nigeria, the top brand selection for the year, which is done with the TOM survey will now be conducted among Chief Marketing Officer’s and Head of Corporate Communications (Affair) of top corporate brands in the country.

To this end, Chief Communication Officers/ Head of Corporate Communication and Chief Marketing Officers are required to mention 10 corporate brands they could easily recall, aside from their own brands.

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The outcome will determine the Most Popular Brands in the country for the year. The TOM is also the first component of the 7 variables in Brand Strength Measure (BSM Index), the model they use to evaluate the 50 Most Valuable Brands in the country for the year, TOP 50 BRANDS NIGERIA.

Taiwo Oluboyede, CEO at Top 50 Brands Nigeria , “while explaining this in a virtual chat with journalists said, brand evaluation, that is, measuring the value or perception of corporate brands has become a vital component of every living brand. It is now a necessity to know how your brand is doing and how it’s standing in the market place. As we all know, branding has gone beyond just one of marketing activities, it has become a vital stakeholder’s metrics for measuring success”.

He went further that “the idea of CMOS and Head of corporate communications selecting the Most Popular Brands is to have the opinion of multitude of people in a few. These men and women have been in the market realtime for long time. They can tell you, based on first hand understanding and experience what the market is saying. They directly relate with and communicate their brand’s propositions to the consumers. Aside from their brands, they also could tell you which brand is really hitting it the right way or not. With the benefits of hindsight, they could predict a brand’s likely outcome in a long run”.

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