• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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Citizenship Bay opens in Nigeria with investment offering

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Citizenship Bay, a foremost consultancy institution, recently commenced operations in Nigeria, with its specialised investment-based citizenship and residency for clients across the world. The offerings will provide unlimited opportunities and unanswered questions about second citizenship and residency by investment for Nigerians.

“Beyond the benefits of physical residency, citizenship and residency by investment programme offers opportunities for improvement in quality of life.

For an investment starting with $100,000, our clients experience the possibilities of living in a borderless world and gain access to the world’s best in terms of healthcare, education, business, quality of living, education and financial opportunities. They also have better welfare, security and the ability to enjoy visa-free travel all around the world,” Zaid Aldayriyeh, the managing director, Citizenship Bay stated.

According to Aldayriyeh, Citizenship Bay is among global leaders in terms of residency and citizenship. Hence, its operation in Nigeria will aid and provide answers to citizenship and residency solutions that entail unlimited benefits of visa-free traveling, tax-efficient investment and better future for families among other benefits.

Aldayriyeh stated that in the wake of worldwide political and economic turmoil, citizenship and residency by investment programme has created the assurance of mobility insurance and an organised programme towards a well improved standard of life.

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According to him, people with dual citizenship are entitled to enjoy employment opportunities and privileges attached to it without the issues of continual renewal of their residence permit which enables them to have a stay in a second country.

“Our services are legal, government authorised, globally accredited and highly reputable. Our vision is to empower Nigerians to create a borderless world for themselves and their families and we’re excited to start providing guidance and advisory services to Nigerians who want to explore citizenship or residency by investment to increase their mobility and gain access to an array of other benefits,” Aldayriyeh stated.

Ever since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, an urge to own global mobility has drastically increased among business tycoons and wealthy investors which can be seen in the latest studies and indicates over 125,000 millionaires are likely to travel to more secure locations in the year 2023.

Citizenship Bay provides citizenship by investment programmes in Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Kitts & Nevis, Malta, Turkey and Vanuatu. Additionally, the Firm provides foreign residency through investment programs in Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Spain, UAE, and USA.