• Friday, December 01, 2023
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Africa Cinema Summit set to ignite Nigerian film industry with economic, creative opportunities

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The African film industry is poised for a seismic shift as the inaugural Africa Cinema Summit prepares to unfold its transformative agenda in Accra, Ghana.

Nigerian filmmakers and cinema operators are at the forefront of this groundbreaking event, which promises to unlock a wealth of economic prospects and creative avenues, catalyzing Nigeria’s rise on the global cinematic stage.

Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante, Convener of the Africa Cinema Summit, expressed her vision for the summit, saying, in a statement “This is more than a gathering; it’s a movement to reshape the future of African cinema.”

Kene Okwuosa, the leader behind Filmhouse Group based in Nigeria, echoed this sentiment, affirming, “Africa’s vibrant stories deserve a global platform. The Africa Cinema Summit is the catalyst that will amplify our narratives and drive economic growth”, he said in the statement.

The summit casts a spotlight on the lucrative business prospects in the realm of cinema. With Nigeria being Africa’s largest economy, the establishment and expansion of cinemas hold the promise of not only enriching cultural experiences but also boosting tourism, igniting local economies, and generating employment opportunities.

At the moment, Nigeria has about 20 cinema screens, with tremendous potential for more. With more collaboration with their West African counterparts, there should be knowledge sharing and engagement with global players looking for opportunities in Africa. This can help spur further investment and growth in the industry.

From inception to the silver screen, the Africa Cinema Summit, the statement further said emphasizes the entire spectrum of the filmmaking process. Kenyan scriptwriters, directors, producers, technicians, and artists collectively contribute to narratives that resonate across borders. The summit underscores the potential for Nigerian storytellers to leverage their creativity, shaping narratives that captivate a global audience.

“The urgency to seize this unprecedented opportunity is palpable. The global appetite for authentic African stories is insatiable, yet a shortage of cinema screens remains a glaring gap across the continent. Nigeria’s filmmakers and cinema operators are urged to take the helm, positioning themselves at the forefront of the cinematic renaissance sweeping Africa”.

Promoting the Africa Cinema Summit, which will take place in November, Asante emphasized the significance of this moment, stating, “Africa’s cinematic renaissance begins now. The Africa Cinema Summit is a pivotal juncture for African creatives to rewrite our narrative, drive economic growth, and leave an indelible mark on the world stage.” As the Africa Cinema Summit draws near, Nigeria’s cinematic pioneers, artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries are gearing up to converge on this transformative platform. Together, they’re poised to ignite a journey where culture, commerce, and creativity seamlessly intertwine, propelling Nigeria’s film industry into uncharted territory.