• Wednesday, May 29, 2024
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25 consumers to shop on Legend blank cheque


In business parlance, blank cheque is also called open cheque. What a beneficiary needs do is to fill in any amount on the appropriately signed blank cheque. This is similar to what Legend Extra Stout, Nigeria’s growing stout beer, will do when it will hand over ‘blank cheques’ to 25 lucky consumers in its ongoing Real Deal National Consumer Promotion.

Each of the cheque receivers is expected to ‘go fast and pick items worth N1 million in 60 seconds. This consumer experience will take place in selected shopping malls in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

To win a Dubai ticket for the Legend Real Deal promo, a consumer has to look under the crown corks of 33cl or 60cl bottles of Legend Extra Stout for a numeric code. The consumer is expected to text the number to 30380 at the cost of N10. Winners will be picked via transparent raffle draws that will take place in Lagos and Port Harcourt, respectively.

The eventual winners can view this shopping jamboree from two distinct standpoints: business or pleasure.

Unveiling the promo recently in Lagos, Emmanuel Agu, marketing manager, Legend and Life, Nigerian Breweries plc., announced that the stout brand was taking 25 consumers to Dubai for an unforgettable and unique shopping experience, possibly to linger in their memories for a lifetime. According to him, beyond shopping, the consumers will be taken to some very memorable Dubai destinations.

For those that intend to savour every second of this experience while it lasts, the Dubai attraction may just be their distraction. Legend Extra Stout may not have spelt it out, but the brand is giving consumers up to a million naira, without giving them the physical cash. They have just 60 seconds to legally ‘amass sudden wealth’. For some, it may be the golden opportunity to target decorative items which they have craved for so long. Some may go for ambiguous items which catch their fancy. Sixty seconds is a short time to rack up items of a million naira’s worth, so some may just grab items within their arm’s reach.

The second group – the strictly business-minded – will have their eyes firmly on the one million naira prize. It is highly likely that the excitement of going for the Dubai trip will soon fade in favour of plotting to exploit the opportunity as a life-changing experience.

Dubai’s free trade zone status translates to cheaper products and this city has over the years emerged as a destination of choice for the business-inclined and leisure-seekers.

Most likely, this second group would have embarked on research and created their ‘market,’ in readiness for supply. Yes, they may look out for items for personal use that will catch their fancy, but the items they intend to sell would take priority in their scale of preference.

They would appreciate the fact that Legend would be taking them to Dubai – all expenses paid. Their joy would know no bounds knowing they have the chance to win up to a million naira, while shopping. They would be glad when they get to find out that the items they shopped for in Dubai would be delivered to their homes free of charge. They would have no hassles of having to pay for excess luggage on goods worth up to a million naira. They would have also been saved the logistical challenges of transporting their goods from the airport to any destination in Nigeria (which they give as their address).

Considering the fact that they would mark up the prices of the items (if they intend to sell them), the profit margins on items purchased free of charge would be excellent!

As consumers text the unique numeric code under their crown corks to 30380, they should begin to prepare their minds on how they intend to utilise this opportunity. Will it be for business or for pleasure?

And for those not lucky enough to win the trip to Dubai, prizes such as 32 inch TV sets, refrigerators, Blackberry Bold 6 handsets, airtime, umbrellas, T-shirts, caps and free drinks await them.