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The jazz hole, Lagos: The place for the soulful

The jazz hole, Lagos: The place for the soulful

Jazz is a musical genre that emanated from New Orleans, Louisiana; United States and has its roots in Blues and Ragtime.

You do not need to look too far to find lovers of Jazz here in Lagos; in fact, there are spots to cater to the needs of Jazz enthusiasts and one of them is Jazzhole located at 188 Awolowo road Ikoyi.

Nigeria’s encounter with Jazz music dates back to the aftermath of World War II, along with healing came expatriates that initiated the love of Jazz music over here and we have never looked back since.

Jazz music over the years, has been known as music for the free-spirited, Jazzhole Lagos is an awesome spot for Jazz music lovers; in fact, it is in the forefront of spots to enjoy live music in Lagos.

Here, visitors do not only have access to live music (which is not restricted, visitors can also enjoy the Afrobeat genre as well); but also access to an array of books, CDs and vinyl and various forms of outlet that explain the evolution of jazz music.

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The rustic aesthetic décor is also one for the books as it gives off that artistic, creative atmosphere that is at the same time calming and soothing.

It is definitely an escape for the creative; the facility also boasts of art posters of various African musical/poetic giants. You can basically browse through books while listening to live music playing in the background.

It also boasts of a “cafe setting” with tables and chairs neatly arranged at the back corner of the facility; it boasts of over forty varieties of tea and one of the best selections of coffee in Lagos State. It is basically known for its awesome assortment of tea and delicious cakes; a public favorite is its Carrot cake; its fame has travelled far and wide.

The Jazzhole is known to be one of the best kept and stocked music shops in Lagos, it is like a museum for music; it is a foremost cultural symbol that celebrates the evolution of music.

The Jazzhole is in the frontline of preserving what we have come to know as the unique Nigerian sound; their record keeping game is spot on, all in a bid to protect the progression of music; it is simply a gift that would keep on giving.

Imagine having a bookstore, live music, coffee shop, café, restaurant and music museum all in one place.
It is also known to entertain local and international acts for listening sessions, art exhibitions as well as jazz evenings (evenings dedicated to jazz music).

The facility also boasts of being used in Ngozi Chimamanda Adichie’s internationally acclaimed novel “Americannah” as a meeting point for characters Ifemelu and Obinze when they both returned to Nigeria. The Award-winning novelist has also said in an interview that The Jazzhole is her personal go-to for books.

It is an awesome spot if you seek inspiration as a creative; also, a place to unlock your creative genius.

Karla Abua, for wheninlagos.com
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