Is Your Business Fit For Commercial Solar Power?

With the rising cost of electricity and fuel prices the need for an alternative and sustainable source of power has become more of a necessity than luxury especially to business executives, who are look forward to reducing cost, and maximizing saving.

Also unreliability of power from the national grid continues to greatly hamper productivity of businesses. As an example, statistics from a survey done by Centre for Global development showed that 57% Tech firms experience power outages of over 30 times in a month, with each outage lasting about 3hours.
Since solar power being a relatively new terrain for most businesses the question on the lips of most business executives tends to revolve around whether solar electric power is right for their business. The answer to this depends on many factors which we shall be addressing here.

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Which Businesses are Fit For Commercial Solar Power?
1. Organizations that run on diesel generators with huge fuel expenses.
2. Organizations that get electricity from the Grid using Tariff Band A or B.
3. Organizations with power load from 20KW to Megawatts range.
4. Organizations that want to offset the added expenses resulting from their growth-related investments, such as the additional electrical demand imposed by facility expansion.
5. Organizations that manage multiple locations with large rooftops, or have available land or a large parking structure adjacent to the facility.
6. Organizations that have a commitment to clean energy and sustainability.

Chidi Obike is the Founder & CEO of Powerup Renewables Ltd, a leading Renewable Energy company in Nigeria. An astute technology professional with 15years senior sales management experience, gained at multinational companies such as Ericsson and Huawei.

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