How to go solar on a budget

Solar energy has experienced immense growth and massive adoption, with the industry growth expected to quadruple by 2030. Solar energy has been getting cheaper too.

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, the cost of Solar PV globally dropped by 82% between 2010-2019.

Even though it is getting cheaper, the upfront cost attribute of solar systems still makes affordability an issue. Well, It is possible to go solar if you are on a budget. Do not be held back by the upfront cost.

Here are four ways you can go solar on a budget.

Buy Now Pay Later
With our Buy Now Pay Later solution, you can go solar and simply pay later for the system, on a monthly instalment. It starts with financing your purchase with a 20% deposit, and after installations, making an affordable monthly payment spread over up to 5 years for businesses.

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Power As A Service
Our power as a service solution allows you to switch to solar without paying for the system and at zero cost. You only pay for the electricity supplied monthly at a rate cheaper than your current electricity tariff. This solution is available to large commercial and industrial users only.

Solar Fuel Save
Our Solar Fuel Save Solution allows you to add Solar Panels to your Diesel/gas generators and save up to 60% of diesel/gas daily. This solution is compatible with all single or multiple diesel generator systems and brands. It is available from capacities of 100KW to 20,000KW.

Solar Power Devices
If going solar with your entire property solar is out of your budget, you can still add smaller and less expensive solar elements that help save on electricity. These include; Outdoor and Indoor Solar Lights, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Water Pumps for boreholes, Solar Chargers, et cetera.

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