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Your period and everything you thought you knew – A Review of Perfecta Osawaru’s Flow Freely

Your Period and Everything You Thought You Knew -A Review of Perfecta Osawaru’s Flow Freely

Title: Flow Freely

Author: Perfecta Osawaru, M.D. (A.M.)

Publisher: Renoma Holistic Health

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 107

Category: Women’s Health

When a writer whose name means “flawless” or “perfect” writes a book, the reader can anticipate that the book will be written in a flawless manner. The book “Flow Freely” by Perfecta Osawaru is perfect in every way.

The title of this book is straightforward and worded in such a reassuring manner that it immediately relaxes the reader.

In her book, she addresses issues that, as a younger woman, you may have avoided broaching for fear of judgment or ignorance, especially given the fact that most schools do not offer a comprehensive education on the health of female students.

This book’s author states that she wrote it so that women could free themselves from the discomfort that is connected with menstruation, and embrace full responsibility for the way their bodies function. There are probably some mature ladies who wish they could have read a book like this when they were younger.

The author shows sympathy toward women who are unfamiliar with their own bodies as well as their menstrual cycles. This volume is not overly thick, but the author, Perfecta Osawaru, has still managed to include a significant amount of information that is of use to the reader.

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As you read this book, you will find that your mind continues going back to the days when you had terrible period pain. This is something that you should be prepared for. Simply put, it’s something that occurs every month.” No, I’m sorry, but according to the author, you have a medical issue, and she says that your behavior is out of the ordinary, which is something that she can personally attest to having experienced. Her opinion that the human body is not a pain vault is a main theme throughout the whole of the book.

You are going to be very appreciative to Osawaru for disclosing the knowledge that she did concerning the seven-year cycles that take place during a woman’s life. In addition to that, she also delves into some extremely fascinating details involving the shifts in hormonal levels. At the ages of seven, fourteen, twenty-one, thirty-five, forty-two, and fifty-nine, a woman experiences key milestones in her life.

Some of the readers will learn knowledge that is absolutely new to them, and I feel that even just the descriptions of the many body kinds will be reassuring to a great number of individuals who are unsure about their own.

The writing of the book occasionally became a little too technical; nonetheless, even in the technical parts, the author dotted the text with nuggets of wisdom such as: Keeping a journal enables you to keep note of the symptoms that you experience, which can assist you in gaining a better understanding of what is happening in your body.

Among the many topics covered include understanding the mental trauma that creates menstruation drama, fasting intermittently, and eating different types of seeds to balance and preserve your hormonal health.

You will discover that the book is instructive, and that certain chapters contain graphics that explain the female anatomy.

It turns out that this book is precisely what one would anticipate it to be, which is a treasure of knowledge on every issue imaginable pertaining to the menstrual cycle.

In a world that so sorely requires greater understanding about the wellbeing of women, Perfecta Osawaru is a ray of light and a symbol of hope. You may have, at long last, uncovered the solution to all of your inquiries around that particular time of the month.

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