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A Tale of Dreams and a Dreamer – A Review of Sammy Sage Hassan’s Dream Maker

Book Title: Dream Maker
Author: Sammy Sage Hassan
Publisher: Hot Coffee Books
Year of Publication: 2013
Number of Pages: 200
Category: Self Help

As is often said, having a mental picture of your goals and dreams is a preclude to achieve them. Like a well-known speaker once said your dream is a preview of your future. What you see soon becomes your reality. However, we fail to use the power we have to change our life for the better. We are lazy dreamers or perhaps we don’t believe in the power of dreams. Dreams and their efficacy have been over-flogged.

Visualization is worth devoting more time to and when it comes to creating the life we want; Sammy Sage Hassan teaches readers how to use their imaginations to manifest their deepest desires in his fictional novel ‘Dream Maker’. Somewhere in there he paints the picture of creation (bringing things into being) and the law or laws that guide them. It is easy to relate the message in his book with law of attraction as espoused in the runaway success film The Secret, but the author is quick to refute the exactitude of his claim with that new age philosophy.

Combining the best of fable (or parable) and self-help, Dream Maker is a coming of age story involving a master and a pupil, a mentor and a protégé, a teacher and a student. The messages, knowledge and wisdom in this unusually informative book are ensconced in the story.

The book opens with two powerful quotes ‘the secret to all things is to find out one thing that means everything .’ and ‘An intelligent well-thought-out well-planned dream is a key to all the wealth the universe possesses’. These two quotes are sandwiched between the preface and prologue and it is a pointer to what to expect from the book.

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The story is set around an imaginary town, Saga City. It centers around Baba, an old successful teacher and Daa (his ward) who he willfully undertakes, transferring knowledge and building the boy’s potential.

Hassan, a renowned poet/spoken word artiste in Nigeria’s creative industry who once pursued a career in ministry and journalism (at different yet sequential times), wrote this book to convey a message and a philosophy. He shares lessons he learned along the way from his life experiences and he hopes these lessons might also be helpful to young adults as they make their way on their own journey through life.

Each chapter is preceded by some poetry.

At about 60 thousand words and 200 pages, you would think Dream Maker will be a quick read, but you may find yourself reading slowly because of the subject matter and the many lessons in the book.

Hassan skillfully weaves three themes throughout the book. The key themes in this stimulating book are dreams, visualizations, thoughts and the path to match the imaginary with the real. He notes that the book’s wisdom is teacherly which provides adequate detail about dreams and visions in an interesting and engaging manner.

The book takes its title from a game Baba uses to teach his disciple and it is filled with techniques that can help you use the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life.

For the reader who is curious about life, living and wisdom or young adults who have a hunger to succeed and live a fulfilled life or parents who need resource to train/bring up their wards, Sammy Sage Hassan’s self-help book does an admirable job of telling it like it should be.

About the reviewer

Titilade Oyemade is a business executive in a leading organisation and holds a degree in Russian Language. She’s the convener of the Hangoutwithtee Ladies Event and the publisher of Hangoutwithtee magazine. She spends her weekends attending women conferences, events and book readings. She loves to have fun and to help other women have the same in their lives. Email: Social: @tiipree

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