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White Christmas party: Rejuvenating joy after a tough 2023

White Christmas party: Rejuvenating joy after a tough 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, reflections on the year’s challenges and triumphs resonate within many circles. While some define this year as tough, shadowed by economic uncertainties, others see it as a blend of victories and setbacks. In the midst of this, a beacon of hope emerged as people sought solace in unwinding and celebrating the season.

The fourth annual White Christmas Party, organised by the Young Christian Workers (YCW) Movement of the Holy Family Catholic Church, lighted up Festac town, providing a haven for unwinding and festivity.

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The event, a blend of camaraderie and exhilarating experiences, unfolded with music, games, dance, and a myriad of other engaging activities.

Speaking with BusinessDay Weekender, Efe Egieya, Chairperson of the organizing committee for the White Christmas Party Season 4, shared the event’s core purpose: “The essence of this event is for everybody to just come on and have fun at the end of the year and raise funds because of the organization that we belong to,” she said

Highlighting the charitable aspect, Egieya stated: “We help school children, pregnant women, or new mothers who cannot afford to pay their hospital bills. We also use this program to raise funds and have fun.”

The festive occasion aimed not only to celebrate but also to give back to the less privileged, according to Chima Amandibuogu, President of the Young Christian Workers’ Holy Family.

Sharing previous charitable initiatives, Amandibuogu said: “We went to the hospital and cleared the bills of about eight people. We also go to the schools. So the proceeds we get here are what we use to do all these charity works.”

Encouraging altruism, Amandibuogu advised: “The most important thing is that charity begins at home. Let’s try our best to reach out, help each other and contribute to ending poverty in Nigeria.”

Hilary Ogunyemi, Chaplain of YCW, expressed admiration for the event’s spirit of togetherness: “This kind of program is what brings all of them together to have fun and enjoy each other’s company.”

Furthermore, Melvis Mayaki, Parish Priest of Holy Family Catholic Church, shed light on the event’s roots: “White party started just after COVID to celebrate God’s goodness… And the main aim, as far as I know, is to celebrate God’s goodness every Christmas to us.”

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Mayaki also underscored the deeper significance of the celebration: “It’s not just a celebration for the sake of celebration, but a celebration because of Jesus Christ.”

Amid challenges and uncertainties, the White Christmas Party emerged as a testament to unity, spreading joy, and supporting those in need within the community, embodying the spirit of the festive season.