• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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We want to get more children back in school, provide vocational trainings -Ezeakacha


Clare Ezeakacha is a woman on a mission. Filmmaker, voice artist, and the driving force behind the Clare Cares Foundation, Clare is a true multi-hyphenate who leverages her diverse talents to create lasting positive change.

Her powerful short films illuminate critical social issues, while her foundation fights tirelessly for the education and well-being of children, particularly those in underserved rural communities.

With a clear vision for the future, Clare Ezeakacha is determined to empower the next generation through increased access to education and vocational training.

Ezeakacha’s path to advocacy wasn’t linear. “I was planning a visit to an orphanage,” she recounts, “when a friend suggested a community in need. Seeing the children playing, seemingly carefree, masked a harsh reality – lack of proper sanitation, clean water, and educational opportunities.”

This experience ignited a passion within Clare, leading to the creation of the Clare Cares Foundation with a mission to “enhance the quality of life of children and youth through rights, health care, entrepreneurship, and education for self-reliance.”

Ezeakacha’s background is as unique as her work. With a degree in computer science, a diploma in mass communication, and experience in event planning, she brings a multifaceted approach to the table.

“My IT background helps with the foundation’s administrative tasks,” she explains, “and I’ve even taught my team some technical hacks!”

Her communication skills are invaluable for raising awareness. “Mass communication has given me a strong understanding of law and ethics, which is essential in advocacy work,” she says.

Advocating for children’s rights in rural areas presents its own challenges. “Gaining access to schools can be difficult due to restrictions,” Ezeakacha admits.

“We also face resistance from parents who prioritize work over education. We work with both children and parents, emphasizing the importance of education for a brighter future.”

She also uses her various productions as powerful tool for advocacy.

Her film “Arima” tackles the sensitive issue of child sexual abuse. “It portrays the pain of a silent victim who ultimately finds her voice,” Clare explains. “This film resonated with many girls who confided in me and began their healing journey.”

Clare’s experience in event planning translates seamlessly to the foundation’s work. “These skills allow us to structure our projects and events efficiently,” she says. “We prioritize time management and organization to maximize our impact.”

The Clare Cares Foundation measures success through a dedicated monitoring and evaluation team.

“We conduct surveys and post-project interactions to assess positive or negative changes,” Clare explains.

Looking forward, her vision is ambitious. “We want to get more children back in school, educate young girls about self-worth and health, and provide vocational training that benefits entire communities. Our ultimate dream is to have a permanent home for our foundation.”

Ezeakacha is a shining example of how one person, armed with passion, skill, and a strategic approach, can create lasting positive change. Her story is an inspiration to many.