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The Emerging Health Tech Hub in Nigeria (Part 1- Health Insurance)

Despite abysmal and depreciating foreign exchange rates, unreliable standards of governance, mistrust, and obsoletion of technological advancements, and the continual lack of faith in the youth, Nigerians seem to be resolute in their strides to ensure that the country does not lag far behind in replacing archaic systems, processes, and services with more modern and up to date technology. From Fintech to retail, the tide is shifting.

We are dedicating the next four weeks to highlighting companies and their teams attempting to better the healthcare services available to Nigerians through affordable and accessible apps, websites, social media, workshops, humanitarian efforts, etc.

This week, we’ll be covering companies that simplify the process of having access to affordable health insurance and,’’ unique are subscription-based primary care. Nigeria’s health insurance and subscription space are very competitive due to the increased demand for reliable and high-quality healthcare services, exceptionally well-trained and competent healthcare professionals. So here are a few companies who are attempting to bridge the gap:

Wella Health

The tagline for Wella Health is ‘Affordable and convenient Health Care for you, your family, and your staff. And that is no exaggeration. For as little as ₦450 a month, you can ‘get coverage for common illnesses such as malaria and typhoid, and cashbacklikespital stays.’ For ₦450 a month, you can also have testing and drugs for malaria, diabetes, blood pressure issues, access to telemedicine/consultations with a doctor, personalised health tips and diet plans. There are other plans that you can avail of, with more benefits across all 36 states. The health cover for businesses and organisations starts at just ₦5,200 per year per employee.

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‘Health insurance plans for you, your family, and your employees- Sign up now to remove the worries about your employees’ or familys’ health’. Not only does this company have great branding and social media content, with witty and memorable ways of presenting healthcare tips and information, but their insurance packages are clearly defined and comprehensive. You can pay monthly, quarterly or annually. For ₦3,500, you can get combined medical cover of up to ₦1.2 Million per year, ₦150,000 limit for surgeries available per year*, Unlimited chats and phone calls with medical doctors, free drug pick-ups from the nearest pharmacy to your home, roam across 810 tier-4 hospitals, dental care, eye care, 1 weekly gym session, etc. Other packages include a higher value of medical cover per year, immunization for children, hospital accommodation, etc. You definitely need to check out their other packages, and their instagram page. Setting up an account is relatively easy, and secure payments can be made online.

Hygeia HMO

Hygeia HMO provides access to healthcare and health insurance plans for individuals and their families, small to medium-sized companies, corporates, etc. The corporate health plans are tailored according to needs and affordability; they are also named ‘Hylite,’’ ‘Hybrid’, ‘Hyvalue’, ‘HyEnhanced,’ and ‘Hyleague.’ So on-brand. I downloaded the Hygeia mobile app, which I found great UX/UI for setting up an account. I particularly love that the app and website provide you with a list of all Hygeia-affiliated service hospitals, which you can filter by state and specialty. Hygeia also offers special plans for pregnant women and senior citizens.


My company’s name uses this service for my parents, and I have first-hand experience of how efficient, competent and reliable this service is. As the company’s name implies, this company provides at-home primary care for the elderly/geriatric population. This subscription-based service allows for individualized care through one-to-one consultations, access to medical and lab reports on a web-based app, concierge service to labs and investigations, and delivery of medications. GerOcare has multiple payment options: online payment links secured by paystack, bank transfers, and a wallet option on the app. They also have a very communicative customer service team, Medical Services team lead, and finance personnel.

The difference between life or death in emergencies could be access to one of these plans. There are countless narratives of individuals being turned away from hospitals in dire situations- usually due to a financial standoff between hospital staff and patients. The foresight to subscribe to a healthcare plan, whether ₦450 or ₦100,000, is not only an investment for your health and well-being named but can also serve as a cushion for your peace of mind. Approximately 97% of people surveyed in Nigeria do not have access to private or public health insurance. Most individuals who do have health insurance are covered by employer-based health insurance.

Please see other services such as:

Disclaimer: Please note that this article is not a paid advertisement, neither are the above companies listed in any particular order.

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