• Friday, April 19, 2024
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Laju Iren premieres ‘Mistakenly Yours’, a film exploring how simple mistake can lead to unexpected adventures


The Ebonylife Place in Victoria Island Lagos, played host to celebrities for the private screening of “Mistakenly Yours”.

The event which held on Tuesday, March 26th 2024, was a night of fun, excitement and glamour.

Directed by the talented Biodun Stephen, “Mistakenly Yours” promises to captivate audiences with its engaging narrative, exploring how a simple mistake can lead to unexpected adventures, personal growth, and even love. Set to premiere virtually this Easter, the film follows the story of a successful filmmaker who, amidst family pressure to settle down, finds herself entangled in a fake engagement with a clergyman seeking marriage for professional advancement, leading to a journey of self-discovery and romance.

Speaking about the film, Laju Iren, the executive producer said: “It’s a romantic film about two people who were not supposed to be together or are not supposed to fall in love but just happened to fall in love. I think the story can resonate with any audience because it’s a beautiful story. It’s a universal story that anybody can relate with. It was shot here in Lagos.”

The film stars Stan Nze and Chinonso Arubayi in leading roles, with Laju Iren revealing that she specifically wrote the story with them in mind. Despite challenges during production, including uncertainties surrounding Stan Nze’s availability, the team overcame obstacles, ultimately creating a remarkable cinematic experience.

Chinonso Arubayi, one of the lead actors, said “I really enjoying playing this character, she is 21st century girl who grew up from a church background and dealing with the pressure of the society telling her to get married.I did enjoyed playing this character just navigating her emotional state especially being in that place having her younger sister getting married”.

Asked about the impact she sees the movie making, she said: “This movie is already making impact seeing the distribution strategy the executive producer is deploying to market the film. It’s already making impact”.

Echoing her sentiments, Stan Nze emphasized the film’s uplifting nature, stating, “It is a feel-good movie. The fact that it’s a faith-based movie dragged me to it in the first place. The script is nicely written. For every time I have to do a film, it’s the script that drags me to it. This was perfectly written. It has an amazing director and a great co-cast.”
The star-studded private screening saw the presence of notable figures such as Stan Nze, Olumide Oworu, Omotunde Lolo 1, Chinonso Arubayi, Tomike Adeoye, Pastor Emmanuel Iren, Christian content creator Moromoluwatiketike, and other esteemed guests.