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The Dangers of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

I will always stand by my belief that Fear is a commodity I have no interest in buying.

I say this because Fear distorts Reality and heightens sensitivity and emotions.

FOMO the acronym for “Fear of Missing Out” can be a tricky topic to speak on as it is a key tool for both brand marketing offline and online, still, it is important to also highlight its demerits.

In justification, Cigarettes brands let you know you might die if you use their products. Right?

I can’t say anything on this without first making a reference to Rema’s tweet from some days back

Luxuries are fantastic and the good life is one which everyone desires but reality must be approached with logic; there is a process.
Good things don’t come easy and successes aren’t overnight.
Learn to prioritize the steps to your desired status/life.

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Without trying to sound religious, I’ll say “make your “God When” in sync with his perfect will; right timing.”
“Love is a beautiful thing” rightly in the words of the music Crooner Dbanj but it’s only beautiful at the right time, with right person and in the right place.

This brings to light the quote “patience is a virtue”.
So, while you’re awwwning at pictures, videos and stories of people who found love. It is important to not get carried away and stick to your standards and values of what “good and right” romantic love means to you.

It’s easy to project our fears and insecurity through words.
So, personally, when I see regressive opinions about friendship and the wickedness of men, I smile a little.

The true is, there are still good people out here but like that saying “Good things don’t come easy”, quality friends are actually rare.
For some people, the search is easy and for some, it’s frustrating.
Well, the secret to quality friendship starts from self-improvement; I mean, you have to be a good friend to attract good friends.

So, before you question the qualities of people around you, focus on you.
You’ll actually discover that self-improvement/development blocks out distractions and give you a clearer perspective towards life.

Remember, Therapy is always an option, be open to the idea.

Bio: Ezinne Ogwumah is a creative writer, published author, certified mental health first aider and social entrepreneur.
You can connect with her more on every social platforms at @ezinneogwumah

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