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Surprising tales that effortlessly intertwine imagination and reality – A Review of Akin Akingbogun’s Dreams from Yesterday

Surprising tales that effortlessly intertwine imagination and reality – A Review of Akin Akingbogun’s Dreams from Yesterday

Title: Dreams from Yesterday

Author: Akin Akingbogun

Publisher: Winepress

Year of Publication: 2023

Number of Pages: 179

Category: Short Stories

While the cover of “Dreams from Yesterday” may not fully convey the depth and excitement of Akin Akingbogun’s collection of 14 short stories, within the book, Akingbogun showcases his talent as a playful short story writer. Through engaging and unpredictable tales, he seamlessly merges imagination with reality.

Set in Nigeria, these stories delve into a wide array of societal issues, including domestic violence, desire, peer pressure, terrorism, and death, among others. Akingbogun also sheds light on often overlooked topics in society, igniting important conversations.

Initially, Akingbogun’s creativity might not immediately shine, but with patience, readers will find that these tales are brimming with unexpected twists and captivating storytelling, keeping them eagerly flipping through the pages. Some of the most intriguing stories could have been strategically placed at the beginning of the book to capture readers’ attention from the start.

The author’s authenticity shines as he explores taboo topics, infusing the book with a unique and thought-provoking quality.

The characters in the book are eccentric and memorable, leading readers on thrilling adventures through both fantastical and mundane settings that take surprising turns. Akingbogun’s adept prose grabs the reader’s attention, though some stories could stand alone as novels in their own right.

The chapter titles, such as ‘Miss Gullible,’ ‘You Cannot Kill a Dead Cow,’ and ‘Cute Little Devil,’ are enticing, drawing readers in eagerly. Some stories, like “Baby Daddies,” not only engage but also entertain with humor, making them a delightful read.

Akingbogun’s talent for vividly depicting scenes transports readers into imagined worlds, captivating their imagination with rich descriptions.

It seems that the author has a wealth of works beyond this book. For those who enjoyed ‘Dreams from Yesterday,’ exploring Akingbogun’s other writings may prove to be a rewarding endeavor.

About the reviewer

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