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Style, fashion, creativity at their peak at 2023 GTCO Fashion Week

Style, fashion, creativity at their peak at 2023 GTCO Fashion Week

In a display of colour, captivating designs and luxurious fabrics, many fashionistas hit the streets during the just concluded GTCO fashion weekend.

Around the venue of the GTCO fashion event and at the entrance, one could see the love for fashion in the manner that designs were showcased through styles worn by the attendees and fashionistas.

GTCO Fashion Week

From their hair colours to the attire, sun shades and footwear wears all tells a story of how fashion has evolved in Nigeria and has become an attribute that resonates with our culture.

There was no better place to express the love for fashions, styles and designs than at the GTCO fashion weekend, a platform that gives designers and fashion lovers the freedom to express themselves as much as they want.

In keeping with tradition, the two-day event saw runway displays; it featured a series of master classes covering diverse topics such as beauty, skincare, hair sculpting, and mental health from five experts – Julee Wilson, Sergio Hudson, Jawara, Jourdaan Dunn and Sir John.

GTCO Fashion Week

The fashion event which held its sixth edition on November 11 and 12 at the GTCenter Plot 1 Water corporation road, Oniru, Lagos showcased the best of Africa’s finest fashion to a global audience.

Featured stunning runway shows, presentation stage, a vibrant fashion shopping experience, captivating street-style exhibits, and insightful style masterclasses, the event was tailored for entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts, these masterclasses provided invaluable, informative and insightful insights.

The event had free stalls for over 140 fashion retailers. It also had vibrant colours, lively music, and a delightful ambience that crafted a multisensory and thoroughly gratifying experience for all attendees

GTCO Fashion Week

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Master classes

The masterclasses were custom-tailored for entrepreneurs and fashion enthusiasts, delivering invaluable insights into building and sustaining fashion brands in the industry’s ever-evolving landscape.

The classes were anchored by seasoned international fashion entrepreneurs, including notable figures like John Barnett, International makeup artist; Jordan Dunn, British model; Julee Wilson, award-winning fashion journalist; Jawara, renowned international hairstylist and Sergio Hudson, international Fashion stylist.

GTCO Fashion Week

During one of the master classes, Jourdan Dunn, super model spoke on her days of little beginnings and how she grew in the industry.

According to her, while growing up, she suffered a sense of insecurity because of her skinny stature and was scared of venturing out into this space with friends.

She states, “So being tall and skinny is celebrated. But growing up, being from the black community, that’s not the case.

“So I’ve had the insecurity of wearing certain clothes and being put on the spotlight because growing up, my friends would want to take me out but I would make up excuses saying that my mom wouldn’t allow me, just because I didn’t want to be seen.

“Every time I went out, I always felt that people would just have their eyes on me and judge me. I was at a stage where I just did not enjoy being in my body. I felt uncomfortable,” Dunn said.

According to her, with time, that perception changed as her figure became the delight of many modelling firms and fashion magazines.

The model who also doubles as a mental health expert added that the highest form of self-love is self-acceptance.

She warned the audience to guard against societal validation, noting that relying societal validation may be counterproductive.

The Master class with Sergio Hudson: Unveiling the Path to Fulfilling Dreams, was also very impactful.

During his master class, he said the fashion business is a structure around designers, adding that if people do not have designers they will not have fashion magazine, and there would be no style to show.

“Therefore, you need to love and have passion for fashion business in other to work things out,” he added.

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GTCO Fashion Week


This year’s event featured a variety of designers, including Banke Kuku, Ejiro Amos-Tafiri, Sergio Hudson, Duaba Serwa, and Duaba Serwa, among others.

Banke Kuku – designed a royal collection for the Buckingham Palace Banke Kuku is a visionary in fashion and design. Her creations are sold locally and internationally, reaching a worldwide audience. Before launching her label, Banke gained experience at renowned worldwide fashion houses.

Duaba Serwa – worked with British actress and model Michaela Coel Duaba Serwa designs elegant style lines for women who want subtlety. Duaba’s clothing is designed for comfort and simplicity, with harmonious lines emphasised by a vibrant colour palette and superb fabrics

Bruce and Glen – designed for Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Diddy Bruce and Glen nurtured their passion for fashion into a long-term dream; their formal fashion education began at Albright College in Reading, Pennsylvania. They dived into the fashion business here, learning the principles of retailing, the concept that the fashion figure is nine heads tall, and the craft of pattern drawing.

Theophilio – integrate Jamaican and Caribbean culture Theophilio is an eccentric fashion brand owned by Edvin Thompson, a Jamaican-American designer. The brand is noted for its vibrant and contemporary designs that frequently integrate elements of Jamaican and Caribbean culture.

Ejiro Amos-Tafiri – one of the Best graduating fashion students from Yaba College of Technology Ejiro Amos-Tafiri is a Nigerian fashion designer who has made significant contributions to the Nigerian fashion industry. Her designs specialise in contemporary African fashion.

TORLOWEl – worked with DJ Cuppy Otedola, Naomi Campbell TORLOWEL, a luxury ready-to-wear brand with a lingerie-inspired touch, was founded by Patience when she embarked on her journey in 2006 in Brussels. Patience Torlowei BVBA specialises in bridal wear.

GTCO Fashion Week

Runway show

The runway show took the centre stage at the 2023 GTCO Fashion Weekend, showcasing a thoughtfully curated collection of bold and captivating fashion statements from Africa’s finest fashion brands.

The whole scenario was that of music, fun and strutting on the walkway by scores of models from designers that signposted the event.

The models were adorned in various eye-catching and captivating designs which awed and wowed guests at the venue.

The well-coordinated manner in the models moved around the well-made out runway with the hall decorated with klieg lights, resonated with the Gen Z and fashionistas who yelled ceaselessly in admiration.

The designs showcased ranged from official wears, casuals, dinner tonight wears.