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Same coin…

It’s not like I deliberately set out to take my younger sister’s boyfriends… Ok, it was a mistake the first time it happened. So the guy came on to me, he led me on, what was I supposed to do?
I admit that the second time was totally my fault. That one was all me. Everyone knows that I am a sucker for guys with pink lips or dimples and this guy had the two of them. This was one temptation I couldn’t resist, I literally threw myself at him. And he didn’t reject my advances.

Was I jealous of my sister? No way! How can I be jealous of Marita?. She is a whole 5ft 9″ tall with beauty and brains. She has the body of a model but she doesn’t know how to rock what she has. I may not be as gorgeous as my sister but I know how to work my body which makes it easy for the guys to see me before they even notice Marita in her boring outfits. She is an introvert and would always have her head buried books but I am sassy and outgoing. It wasn’t my fault that most guys found me more attractive.

When I took Marita’s second boyfriend, things went soar between us and she didn’t speak to me for about four years, we only started talking when our mother summoned us by her bedside just before she died.

Marita looked completely different from the last time I saw her. She was stunning. The girl was working every body asset she had. Her hour glass shape was even more pronounced than I could remember.

Even though mom had tried to reconcile Marita and me, it was obvious that she wasn’t comfortable around me anymore. She made an effort to be cordial but it seemed forced. We never visited each other, we kept in touch just for formality sake and so that our mother would not “turn in her grave”.

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Ten months after our mom died, the news of Marita’s wedding started going round. I was happy for her because at that time, my relationship was experiencing hiccups, at least one of us deserved to be happy so it was a good thing if Marita was getting married. Our family could do with some good news after mom’s death.

I called Marita to congratulate her on her engagement…since she wouldn’t tell me herself. Albeit reluctantly, she agreed to have lunch with me so we could celebrate and chit chat.

The following day, I arrived at the restaurant and I was surprised to see my boyfriend Henry sitting beside Marita. I was shocked. I didn’t realize that they knew each other. When and how did they even meet? I couldn’t hide my shock because Henry was the last person I expected to see there.

My eyes caught the rock on Marita’s engagement finger.. it looked really expensive. My stomach made a flip.. this used to happen a lot when we were younger and I was able to recognize it for the first time as jealousy. I was actually jealous of my younger sister. I also noticed the way Henry was smiling at Marita and I was taken aback.

“Do you two know each other?” I asked no one in particular. I was eager to get an explanation.

Marita smiled at me. She took Henry’s hand in her’s and said, “Sis, Henry and I are getting married”.

When I heard those words, my breath seized for a minute, I thought I was about to faint. My sister and my boyfriend were engaged to be married? How? I thought my world was about to end.

Henry had suddenly lost interest in our relationship and I couldn’t do anything to get his attention or salvage the situation. I suspected that he was seeing someone else but I never expected that someone to be my own sister.

I looked from Henry to Marita searching for answers but nobody was ready to talk so I picked up what was left of my pride and walked away. I cried for several days while nursing my broken heart. I felt an unending wrenching in my chest. It was sad to also realize that I had made my sister go through this kind of pain twice.

So it turns out that one day, Marita and I were at the hospital at the same time to see Mom shortly before she died. While I stepped out briefly to speak with the doctor, Henry had come in. We were supposed to see a movie together that evening so I asked him to meet me at the hospital. (He had been there with me before to see Mom).
In the brief moment that I was gone, Marita and Henry met each other and exchanged phone numbers. The rest, like they say, is history. When I returned from seeing the doctor, I was surprised that Marita had left but I didn’t read anything to it.

My sister paid me back in my own coin. Her payback was served hot and I doubt if I will ever recover from this heart break. I never imagined that karma was sitting in a corner waiting for me.

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