Psychological Hack to Remote Working

If an article is one written based on checked facts, this would be one of them.
From personal experiences, to conversations with colleagues and the growing reality of sedentary life, remote work most certainly has its pros and cons

However, here’s how to remotely work and avoid the possibility of loneliness, isolation, anxiety, stress, pressure and possible depression.

“It is ok not to be ok”

1. Screen Time
Take breaks from every screen literally; phone, TV etc and just rest. Most importantly for your back!

2. Invest in your work space
“Home is where the heart is”
This is because, if you love your work space, you’ll get motivated to work better when required.

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3. Home Yoga
Believe it or not, Yoga is here to stay.
With the rise of stay home workers, Yoga is super important for energizing the mind, body and soul from time to time.
So, those short breaks, get working!

4. Assertiveness
Setting boundaries and knowing your limitations will do you a lot of good for your confidence and for your mental health.
From working hours and tasks, do not exert yourself.

5. Go Outside
From taking a walk, to working from co-working spaces, human interaction and connecting with nature will greatly improve your mental health.

6. Make Time for your people
The term “Your People” in this context means, your favorite humans you love to hang around.
Creating and sharing good memories obviously does a lot for your mental health.

Asides these tips, if you work remotely and you still experience any sort of mental distress, you can always speak to a mental health professional.
Remember, Therapy is always an option.
Be open to the idea.

Bio: Ezinne Ogwumah is a creative writer, published author, certified mental health first aider and social entrepreneur.

You can connect with her more on every social media platform at @ezinneogwumah .