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Prioritizing mental health as a digital or social media influencer

Times have changed and while we have seen the world go from analog to digital and the ever evolving world of technology.

These changes have also influenced sources and ways to earn income, but with the cool jobs on the rise, comes uncool pressures.
A decline in Mental Health is one of these issues.

Although it spreads across all forms of jobs, race, gender and ages, we can’t overlook the rise especially of employment in digital spaces.

Well, this piece is focused on one of the key workers in the digital space: Influencers.
In my opinion, Influencers provide the real value of the digital/media tools; from creating content, getting the numbers, maintaining the traction and constantly adjusting to the unpredictability of technology.

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It’s almost like a man vs machine and if you visualize it, it isn’t so easy to go up against a thing which has an unconventional mind of its own.

So how do you take care of your mental health as an Influencer?
Firstly, you must revisit your intent and goal to Influence. I say this because it is easy to get inspired by our favorite Influencer and the money bag that comes with the job but we forget that one of the demerits of the job is “looking picture perfect”

Secondly, what impact are you trying to achieve?
This is actually the most important part because successfully figuring this out, lessens the burden of expectations especially when it comes to the numbers or interaction.

It is simply shifting your focus on how to make the efforts to influence the change you seek exist.
When your concern moves from the quantity of people to the quality of what you put out, it provides a healthy perspective on your representation.

Finally, it is ok to take a break from everything. Even God rested on the seventh day.
Just to add a corny joke, “like age is just a number, beware because numbers are deceitful”
P.S Therapy is always an option. Be open to the idea.

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