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No Romance without Finance

“Love is sweet oh, when money enters love is sweeter…”- Davido (Assurance, 2018).
The above quote pretty much sums up this article. The presence of finance makes for a smooth relationship.
There are many factors that bring two people into a relationship and that keep them together for a certain amount of time. Apart from the physical attraction and character attributes which endear people to one another, and are a given mostly, there is also the important “money factor”.

Let’s do a little mathematics problem: It has often been said that you can figure out the true character of a person when he/she has money. Also, we know that money (and the lack thereof) changes people. Therefore, we can say that money forms a part of character. Again, everyone is attracted to money; everyone likes money – yes, we all do!.. So, we can say that there’s a sprinkle of money in attraction. Which brings together the equation: money= essential.

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Now, while we understand that money is not everything and it certainly should not be the center of every relationship, I’m sure we can agree that Finance is one of the top three factors that make a relationship work, and it is not number three.

Here are some critical emotions that finance helps to take care of:
Frustration- When the chips are down, when stress is high, when things are not looking up in life.. the feeling of hopelessness and helplessness that creeps up on us, even when nothing is really wrong. Most of the common frustrations people experience in modern times stem from the lack of money. So imagine coming together with another person who is just as frustrated with his/her situation as you are. It is very unlikely that such a relationship will stand the test of time.

Security- Happiness thrives in security. It is not enough to not be frustrated and live comfortably, but also knowing that the future is secure and that any emergencies can be resolved (because they will arise) allows emotions to flow freely.

Affection- Have you ever bought something for someone and the look on their face made you feel all jiggly inside? Is your partner’s love language receiving gifts? Generally, when you genuinely like/love someone, even in a platonic relationship, there is a tendency to want to buy things for them to make them happy. Imagine not being able to give your loved one even the littlest of gifts.. especially on special days like birthdays, anniversaries and Vals day. It could really be a source of heartbreak for both parties.
Now, I am sure there is a school of thought that may not totally agree with the above.

There is the argument that things can always be worked out as long as the parties involved are “in love”. There’s also the encouragement of people coming together to “build” and that people should not necessarily turn down an opportunity to be with someone because of their current financial status because “nobody knows tomorrow”.

All these are valid schools of thought. However, this write-up aims to provide some logic behind the emotions and general consensus.
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