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Netflix reviews

“Security” 2017
The movie is a 2017 movie that was added to Netflix, they told a story of a former marine agent, who decides to take on a role as a security guard in a mall. On the very first night of resumption a young run into the store and seeks their protection as she is chased heavily armed guys, who were willing to bring the entire mall down, just to eliminate her. You would need to check the movie out to see how it all went down. The 1h 32mins action/crime movie was directed by Alain DesRochers.

Grudge is a 2021 movie a police chief who was recently promoted for his hard work and on the day of his celebration, he gets attacked by the cab guy who wanted to kill him, he is forced to defend himself and that leads to the action. All of a sudden the entire story is twisted and it seems they are bent on blacking mailing and bringing him and his entire team down, please make sure you pay attention and wait till the very end, the revelation at the end will leave you breathless and speechless, I just could believe it, starts slow and moves on quickly so be patient. The 1h 45min crime, drama and thriller movie was directed by Turkan Derya and written by Yilmaz Erdogan.

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“Edge of fear”
I was really excited and expectant that I was in for a very serious action movie, but I guess the pace was way too slow for me. The movie was about a group of terribly bad guy who destroyed an entire bus of prison inmates just to free one of their leaders, along their quest for a new van, entire into a beautiful home with a couple and a friend. What started as a simple quest for a phone turns out completely bloody and Patrick had to do all he could to save his pretty wife from these evil men. The 1h 31 min action, crime, thriller movie was directed by Bobby Roth.

Swallow is a Nigerian movie released on Netflix this year, produced by Kunle Afolayan the 2hr 8mins movie took us back to the 80”s, they told a story of Tolani and her friend. After being harassed at work and victimized Tolani meets a new boyfriend of her who initiates her to the get rich quick syndrome, little did she know that it was going to be exporting drugs, when she found out she felt there was no harm in trying after all she was already suffering and anything to leave this miserable was definitely a better option. You need to see how they prepared and how it all went down on the very first trip. A very touching story with loads of lessons young people could learn from, there are no shortcuts to wealth, only hard work and diligence.

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