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Netflix reviews for weekender

AWAKE (2021)
The movie started quiet slowly and moved on quickly into the action scenes, Jill was a former soldier, who had a son and a daughter, and they lived with their grand mum. She worked as a security officer in a company, one there was a sudden attack called global hysteria that destroyed all electronic devices and took away the ability for humans to sleep, except 2 people on earth an elderly woman and Jill’s daughter Matlida, Jill had to do everything in her power to protect her kids, the irony of life was that where they had thought they would find safety was actually a test lab, do check it and see the action for yourelf, the 1h 36m movie was directed by Mark Raso, featured Gina Rodriguez, Ariana Greenblatt, Lucius Hoyos, Jennifer Jason Leigh etc.

FERRY (2021)
The movie was about a gangster group in Amsterdam, Ferry was his right hand man who did all the dirty jobs, one day a rival gang kills Brinks son and Ferry is sent to go take out every one of the bad guys who perpetuated the bad act, it’s so funny how life works, on getting there Ferry meets the love of his life Danielle and she changes the cause of his life for good, transforming Ferry’s life into one worth living, I just couldn’t believe how a tyrant could become so meek all for love, love indeed is a wonderful thing. If you do enjoy gangster rivalry kind of movies this 1h 46m movie directed by Cecillia Verheyden might be worth your while, the movie featured Frank Lammers, Elise Schaap, Huub Stapel, Raymond Thiry,etc.

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Rogue City was a bumper packed action movie, Marseille is a loyal hardworking cop, he is entangled in the dealings of police corruption and the gangs, after some issues that occurred in the city and almost brought serious chaos, he is forced to take laws into his hands to protect his squad no matter the cost. The 1h 56m crime/ narrative action movie was directed by Olivier Marchal, it featured actors like Lannick Gautry, Barbara Opsomer, David Belle, Kaaris, and many more.

If you weren’t able to catch Bloodshot of 2020 in the cinemas Netflix has brought you that unique opportunity, Vin Diesel played the lead role as a dead soldier who is brought back to life through the aid of biotechnology, he is sent on a mission to destroy the other men who fought against his master. The movie is based on a comic book, Ray as he was called in the movie was given extraordinary powers to destroy everything and yet not get killed, as he embarks on each mission he begins to discover some deep secrets about his past and the people he works for. The 1h49m action/Sci-Friction movie was directed by David S F Wilson, they featured Vin Diesel, Eiza Gonzalez, Sam Heughan, Guy Pearce etc.

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