• Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Netflix reviews for Weekender- Week 33

Movie Review: Top ten Netflix series for your ‘binge-watching’ pleasure

The movie told the story of a young girl in medical school who loved to surf, she decided to travel to the beautiful city, where her mum found out she was pregnant, along the line her friend cancelled and she had to proceed alone. Do watch the entire movie to see if she made it out alive and in one piece after she was attacked by a huge shark and had to struggle for days to battle her survival. The 86m drama, thriller movie was directed by Jaume collet-Serra, they featured Blake Lively, Oscar Jaenada, Joseph Salas, Brett Cullen and many more.

If you have being falling previous editions of Escape you would understand this new movie and the reason behind the gathering of all past champions to finally finish the entire game that messes with you mind and inner senses. The game is played by smart and intelligent people who have to look for ways to get out of the room within the shortest time to stay alive anyone trapped in the room at the end of the timer is sacrificed. This time around the game is more brutal, deadly and dangerous and you have to do all to make it till the very end. Wait for the end to know that we are expecting another soon, guess you cannot have it all figured out right. The 88m movie was directed by Adam Robitel, we had Taylor Russell, Logan Miller, Indya Moore and many more feature in the movie.

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I guess I was expecting way more that I was saw from the movie, as a great fan of action packed movie I was super excited to check this brand new 120m French, action, crime, comedy movie. Omar Sy “Ousmane” played the key role as a determined diligent cop; he had to work with Laurent Lafitte “Francois” to unveil the killers of a young man whose body was found on the train, but the investigation lead them to deeper findings that would shake up the city. The movie was directed by Louis Leterrier Izia, Dimitri Storoge, Flavie Pean e.t.c.

Mira was late and almost missed the most important night on her show, the new years eve of 1999 that will usher us into a new era, what started out as a simple night, quickly transcended into almost a horror movie as armed young man enters the TV studio during the broadcast, takes Mira hostage and makes one ridiculous demand to give a message live on air. Do wait till the very end to see how it went down and his selfish reason for putting on these stunts. The 93m movie was directed by Jakub Piatek featured Magdalene Poplawska, Bartosz Bielenia, Cezary Kosinski and others.