• Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Netflix reviews

Netflix reviews for weekender


Well if you are searching for something really exciting and thrilling to watch this weekend, then search no further as this brand new movie will be worth your while, but please note that this would be of value to great fans of thriller, horror, drama movie, I didn’t really see this movie in the light of horror like they explained to me, because my real ideas of horror movies are totally different from this, but then it really left me shouting and jumping off my seat. Anyway, enough of my talk, now to the movie, Sophia was a researcher who studied the lives of large sea creatures and their behaviours, on one of those faithful trips, she loses her hubby and four of her male team members leaving her with just one female crew member. She was totally devasted and abandoned the whole ideas of studying this creatures as she had lost all she had, till one faithful day a young smart, intelligent lady approaches her, telling her that the very shark that killed her hubby and team members was roaming around freely in the small rivers of Paris, she thought they were joking till see saw the tracker beeping in town, at that point she knew the city was going to be under a great attack soon. She earnestly tried to warn the Minister to postpone the water game as many could get injured and even killed, but she refused for her own selfish interest and just as Sophia had predicted the game was a total disaster. The 103m French, horror, thriller movie was directed by Xavier Gens, they featured actors like Berenice Bejo, Nassim Lyes, Lea Leviant, Anne Marivin, Nagisa Morimoto, Sandra Parfiat, Ibrahima Ba and many more

BIONIC (2023)

Well if you are a sucker for Action, Sci-Fi movies then search no further as Bionic will be worth your while, it quite difficult for me to tell, if I really enjoyed the movie, I just felt it was okay as I kind of expected more, but I was glad I made it to the very end. Maria was extremely good in the long jump sports, just like her mother, she got trained by her mom before she passed on while her kid sister got trained by their dad, these 2 sisters became total rivals, Maria’s kid sister had a bionic limb and was doing great in the bionic games, Maria earnestly want to compete with her sister and beat her to prove to her and the world that she was the best, she was perplexed when her hidden dreams and wishes came to pass and made it a reality, she suffered a terrible bike accident that broke one of her limb and lead to the amputation of her leg, to continue the long jump sport and compete with her sister she will have to acquire the bionic limb, that she did and brought her to a whole new world. Well, you will need to go check out the movie to see how her new limb and quest to beat her sister lead them both into a very bad sibling rivalry that almost destroyed the entire family, wait till the very end the revelation at the end will leave you speechless, I guess we might be expecting “Bionic 2” soon. The 110m Brazillian, Sci-Fi, action movie was directed by Afonso Poyart, they featured actors like Jessica Cores, Bruno Gagliasso, Gabz, Christain Malheiros, Nill Marcondes, Guta Ruis, Nicole Cordery and many more.

ADAGIO (2024)

I absolutely thought and assumed that this movie was going to be in English, well I was totally wrong, there is nothing as difficult as listening and reading the English translation of a movie, this was a very hard task for me, but after 2 -3 days of watching a normal movie, I made it to the very end and I must say, maybe this movie wasn’t just for me, I struggled with almost every bit of it, rewinding back and forth to just get a better grasp of the movie, and technically am not so sure I did. Well to the story Manuel was a young boy who got himself tangled with some very bad crooked cops, who wanted to blackmail him because they had some bad secrets about him, he absolutely didn’t want his father to know of, in order to hide things, they had to use him for a mission to bring a bad guy down, when he failed, they decided to hunt him down and kill him. Manuel will have to save himself but the only way will be to run to his father’s old-time friend, who risked everything he had to save him, well do check the movie and find out the length his fathers friend had to go to keep him alive. The 126m Italian, crime, drama movie was directed by Stefano Sollima, they featured actors like Pierfrancesco Favino, Toni Servillo, Valerio Mastandrea, Andriano Giannini, Gianmarco Franchini, Francesco Di Leva, Lorenzo Adorni, silvia Salvatori, Emillio Franchini e.t.c,