• Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Netflix reviews

Netflix reviews

ATLAS (2024)

So you know how you get super excited about checking out a new movie, because the have one of your favourite actors, well that was my case typically when I saw Jennifer Lopez here, I kind of like her, but then I feel like sometimes the storyline where she features, doesn’t reflect her true strength and worth, well maybe it’s just my figment of imagination or judgement. Jennifer played the lead role as Atlas Shepherd was a renounced data analyst, she had some issues working with AI while growing up as a child, this made her loose trust in AI. During the movie they had to embark on a mission to capture a renegade robot who wanted to take over the world and humans, upon crashing Atlas is the only surviving warrior who must fight and destroy the evil robot before returning back to her planet. The 120mins Sci-fi, action movie was directed by Brad Peyton, they featured actors like Simu Liu, Lana Parrilla, Sterling K. Brown, Mark Strong, Lesley Fera, Abraham Popoola and many more.

THE VOW (2023)

A newly wed couple decide to go on a weekend getaway with their friends to mark their honeymoon, but on getting to this lovely beautiful resort, with the best food, bar, club and recreational activities this couple meet their Exes who are now supposedly dating each other without their knowledge, Mr. Tame-west introduces his wife Trish to his ex Chole, who is now dating her ex also, what started as a very simple and sweet honeymoon getaway almost results into a total disaster that puts a very big toil on their marriage, it was a roller coaster of a weekend, from one problem to another and one revelation to another. Well, you will have to go check out this brand-new movie on Netflix to see how they managed this chaos and crisis and if they remained together as a couple. The 62min south African, Romantic comedies, drama, comedies, romance, African movie was directed by Adze Ygah, they featured actors like Tumi Morake, Lehasa Moloi, Nqobile Nunu K.H., Kenneth nkosi, Jack Devnarain and many more.


I wasn’t so sure what to expect from this movie as the trailer said nothing to guide you in the process, it revealed nothing, but I gave it a shot anyway. In the movie there was a young girl who worked in a club, her parents were wealthy but going through some crisis in their marriage, she didn’t talk much, but just did her things as she leaved with them. One day her body is found laying lifeless by the beach and her lips missing. Suddenly the case becomes the most sort after as a young man who have being on the trail of a notorious bad guy decides to acquire this case and help her family bring the strong bad man to the books, it wasn’t an easy ride but it was worth try, the revelation at the tail end will leave you speechless as you would never see that coming, not a bad movie after, beautiful twist and suspense at the end. The 112m Polish, crime, Drama, thriller, mystery, film based on a book movie was directed by Adrain Panek, they featured actors like Jakub Gierszal, Maja Ostaszewseka, Zofia Jastrazebska, Andrezej Konopko, Prezemyslaw Bluszcz,, Wojciech Zielinski and many more.