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Netflix reviews: Why you should watch ‘Mercy’ this weekend

Netflix reviews

MERCY (2023)

The title of this movie and the trailer didn’t inform me well enough for what to expect from this movie, but I decided to check this recently added movie on Netflix and I was glad I did. Dr. Michelle was an ex-military doctor, who lost her husband years ago during a war combat and decided to work on ground to enable her take care of her son. She worked at a local hospital helping to save lives until one day, a young man who was being carried by the FBI was shot and brought to her hospital to be resuscitated. For Dr. Michelle what started as very normal day, with a plan to take her son to watch a football match to mark his 8th birthday the day after, quickly transcended into a total disaster, when some Irish mafias decided to take control of the entire hospital to save their brother and son. They touched the wrong son as Michelle had to unleash her long forgotten battle-hardened past and skills to fight with all she had to save both her son and all the hostages, before help could come from the special forces. The 85m action, thriller movie was directed by Tony Dean smith, they featured actors like Leah Gibson, Jon Voight, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Anthony Konechny, Anthony Bolognese, Caitlin Cromwell, Mike Dopud, e.t.c.


Well, well, well, it seems like I am bumping into loads of romantic movies suddenly, although these are not my forte, I guess I just have to make do with what I have and enjoy it, so let me tell you a bit about the stor. Erica had been dating Jason for a while and they really loved each other, Jason proposed and Erica accepted to marry him, one month to their wedding Jason absconds to another city leaving Erica with no farewell or parting words, Erica was totally devastated and thought her world was ruined, Due to this terrible breakup, Erica hated weddings and wedding songs. The worse happened when Erica had to take on a new job at a very beautiful resort, where she was forced to sing at weddings, and this brought her so many terrible memories, making her cry on stage while singing. You will need to watch the entire movie to find out how she overcame her fears and how she found love again in the weirdest way. The 101m romantic, comedy movie was directed by Steven Tsuchida, they featured actors like Christina Milian, Sinqua Walls, Jay Pharoah, Christiani Pitts, Alexander Hodge, Karen Obilom, Jeremy Boado and many more.

PAIN & GAIN (2013)

For some weird reasons, I haven’t seen this movie that got released since 2013, but then I decided to give it a try, although it was a bit of a struggle for me to make it to the end, I did try and I will say that the movie was just okay, nothing so extraordinary for me considering Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg were in the movie. Daniel was a professional gym coach in a classy and luxurious gym in town, he coached rich clients and along the line, became greedy and wanted more, so he decided to bring a team of strong men together to help him kidnap and take all the funds from one of his wealthy clients who became his first target. You will need to watch the entire movie to see how they tortured this guy for weeks to make him sign all his funds, properties and businesses to them. The 129m crime, action movie was directed by Michael Bay, they featured actors like Anthony Mackie, Bar Paly, Tony shalhoub, Ed Harris, Rebel Wilson, Rob Corddry and many more.