• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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NBC champions tree planting initiative for environmental sustainability

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The Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) launched a nationwide tree-planting initiative to commemorate World Environment Day. This effort, aligned with the theme “Land Restoration, Desertification, and Drought Resilience,” saw tree planting activities across Abuja, Lagos, Oyo, Edo, and Imo states.

In concurrence with these tree planting exercises, NBC organized roadshows, rallies, lectures, and symposiums to raise awareness about the benefits of tree planting and its positive impact on climate change. Designated areas in Abuja, Owerri, Lagos, and Asejire, Oyo State, were also targeted to reinforce global efforts against climate change and desertification.

A highlight of the campaign in Lagos was an environmental sustainability event in partnership with LASPARK, LAWMA, and Hope for Life Initiative. This event engaged students of Oregun High School on the importance of annual tree planting.

Victor Adedeji, Deputy Director representing Muyiwa Gbadegeshin, LAWMA’s Managing Director, emphasized the initiative’s role in providing students with practical tree-planting experience and raising climate change awareness.

Similarly, Adebimpe Kuponu, Assistant Director of LASPARK’s Tree Planting and Maintenance Department, underscored the importance of ongoing tree-planting efforts in environmental preservation.

Temitope Ogunrinde, National Environment Manager of NBC, highlighted the transgenerational impact of these tree-planting efforts and encouraged the students of Oregun High School to nurture and protect the newly planted trees, ensuring they benefit both current and future generations.

He commented: “At NBC, prioritizing environmental sustainability is paramount. We aim to provide lasting solutions to the climate change crisis affecting our communities, nation, and planet due to land degradation, environmental hazards, food insecurity, and the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

“Through our partnerships with the government and related agencies, private organizations, and our in-house sustainability initiatives, we will continue to curb environmental pollution and effect positive change nationwide.”

NBC also integrated local communities into these solutions. In Oyo, residents were encouraged to participate in gardening activities to combat desertification, in Benin, tree seedlings were distributed to strengthen drought resilience and a community cleanup exercise was organised.

In Owerri a nature walk was conducted to emphasize land restoration measures aimed at protecting the environment from drought.

Additionally, NBC partnered with the University of Lagos to host an environmental sustainability challenge, marking the first anniversary of the Green Eco Hub in the school.

This initiative, a collaboration with Coca-Cola was developed to drive improved awareness, engagement, and knowledge transfer regarding plastic waste management.

The project has already achieved remarkable success, recovered 1.5 million plastic bottles, and fulfilled its sustainability objectives.

For over 70 years, NBC has championed environmental stewardship through various sustainable practices. In 2011, NBC installed its first Combined Heat Power (CHP) plant to enhance energy efficiency, and by 2020, it began transitioning its manufacturing plants to solar energy, with ongoing solar power installations.

The company’s commitment also extends to community-focused activities such as tree planting, beach cleaning exercises in 2022, and the Pet Upcycling project aimed at educating the public on plastic recycling.

Through sustained efforts in responsible manufacturing and prioritizing sustainability, NBC continues to lead in creating a sustainable environment for Nigerians.