Maintaining positive energy

I believe it’s say to say that the popular slang “maintaining beauty” inspired this piece.
If you’re familiar with that term, then you’ll understand that it is usually used as a form of barrier to a negative circumstance.

So, in context to the subject matter, how does one in the midst of chaos, uncertainty and glaring insecurity, “maintain positive vibes”?
In two words, I’ll say Emotional Management but for the sake of better understanding, I’ll break them down:

1. Identify the feeling
As easy as this may sound, holding back from being overwhelmed by an emotion, to put a name to it can be pretty hard. Still, in putting the effort to first understand what it is you’re feeling, provides you an easy way out of that negativity back to positivity.

2. Healthy Coping Skills
There’s a popular quote that goes “you can drink it away”.
I can understand how easy it is to want a quick drink or a glass of wine to “calm the nerves”. In some cases, some choose to smoke or indulge in sexual activities.
However, as appealing as these may seem to those involved, it is important to note that they are only illusions of soberity.
Proper coping skills aren’t temporal or fleeting.
Remember, it is ok not to be ok.

3. Respond vs React
I personally still struggle with this. As humans, we are always quick to react. Just a few good number of people know how to respond to a situation. Please Note that reaction isn’t just limited to one’s action, it can also be expressed by words and responding isn’t limited to words and it can also show in action.
It’s key to know the best way to respond or react to a situation especially not to escalate the issue.

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4. Validate the good and bad
Like they say, “your feelings are valid” and I’ll like to add to that quote with “whether good or bad.”
Be it anger, jealousy, fear, shame etc. It is perfectly ok to feel these things. However, what matter is what you decided to do about it i.e manage it.

5. Write
A psychologist would call it journalling and while I personally think, this doesn’t apply to everyone, I can’t deny the relief and beauty of being able to express your thoughts with words.
So, if you can, pick up that pen, pencil or open the note app on your phone and write away.

6. Breathe
You’ll be surprised at the magic of taking deep breaths. There isn’t so much to say about this, just try it!

7. Alone time
Learn to spend some time with yourself.
I can’t stress this enough but this is key to mental stability. Sometimes, all you need is alone time with your thoughts and if you’re really intentional about it, you’ll learn one or more things about yourself.

8. Exercise
We hear the word and we immediately limit it to physical activities. Well, while that is true in itself, we also need to know that it also means engaging in an activity for a specific purpose and in today’s context, for the sake of improving mental health. This can be taking a work, calling up an old friend, sleeping, listening to music or engaging in any healthy activity that would feel good mentally.

Finally, Therapy is also a great option. Be open to the idea.

Bio: Ezinne Ogwumah is a creative writer, published author, certified mental health first aider and social entrepreneur.
You can connect with her more on every social media platform at @ezinneogwumah .

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