• Sunday, December 03, 2023
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Importance of health for smart financial decisions – Experts

Importance of health for smart financial decisions – Experts

Small and Medium Scale Business owners and operators have been advised on essential health tips that will help them successfully create wealth and thrive more in their businesses.

In a recent installment of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Business Series, experts have underscored the role of physical well-being in driving successful business endeavors for Small and Medium Scale Business (SME) owners.

The event, held in a hybrid format at the UBA Head office in Lagos, shed light on the significance of intentionality, physical fitness, and routine health assessments in achieving prosperity within business ventures.

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The panel, comprised of the following speakers Adeyemi Adeyinka, group head of medical services at AVON HMO, Kemen Ekerette, founder of Kemen Fitness, Saga Adeolu, an artist and fitness enthusiast, Ramanujam Rummy, executive director of Happiness Center, and Atinuke Kolade, group head of retention and growth at AVON HMO, convened under the theme “Financial fitness: Balancing Health and Wealth for Small Business Owners.”

According to Adeyinka, cultivating a balance between work and personal life, alongside detailed health assessments on vital organs such as lungs, liver, and kidneys, is important for SME operators.

“It is important for business owners to maintain a good work-life balance, and parameters such as knowing the state of your health, creating an enabling environment for yourself, and having annual wellness checks on your organs is very important for you as a small business operator,” stated Adeyinka.

On his part, Ekerette advised customers and business owners to be intentional in ensuring that they are physically fit, adding that “Eating right, resting and exercising should be a part of every entrepreneur’s daily life,” he noted.

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Adeolu stressed the interdependence of health and wealth, cautioning that subpar physical well-being could undermine sound financial decision-making within businesses. “If you are not physically fit, you may not be able to make good financial decisions in your businesses,” Adeolu affirmed.

Kolade suggested that subscribing to newsletters focusing on healthy lifestyle and stress management could empower entrepreneurs with essential information to lead healthier lives.

Collectively, the UBA Business Series panelists echoed the sentiment that nurturing one’s health remains a pivotal strategy for cultivating wealth as a business owner.

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In the face of Africa’s challenging business landscape, the series aims to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to build enduring and prosperous enterprises.

Alero Ladipo, UBA’s Group Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications commended the panellists and said the bank’s passion is hinged on ensuring that customers and entrepreneurs run businesses that can stand the test of time with the requisite knowledge and experience required to take their businesses to the next level.

Ladipo affirmed, “It is the responsibility of a forward-thinking financial partner such as UBA to make sure that all our customers are armed with all the information they need to do well so that they will flourish in all areas.”