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How Laura Iafrate leverages power of social media to expand her athleisure brand

Social media has become a viable platform for businesses of all kinds, sizes, and demographics.

From selling an idea to a product, people from all over the world are harnessing the power of Instagram, YouTube, and other online portals to bring their work to the world. Venezuelan model Laura Iafrate is also enjoying exploring the many social media potentialities to promote and expand her sustainable athleisure brand.

Athleisure or athletic wear, which doubles up as leisurewear, is the new talk of fashion town. It came into its own when the fashion industry realized that there is a group of people who wished to find cohesive clothing for their workouts, workplace, and social life.

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Laura, one of the early spokespersons for the trend, says, “Clothes need to suit our needs. While having a walk-in closet and wardrobe overflowing with clothes is fun to imagine, it’s not easy to maintain. People who are on-the-go want something versatile and can shape-shift into all aspects of their active life.”

Laura’s brand of athleisure echoes her belief system, which is “creating aesthetic, practical wear out of sustainable fabrics.” To do that she uses her Instagram, which boasts of 80.8K followers, sustainably.

She says, “I am a professional model, and it’s practical for me to post pictures of me wearing my designs. The right lighting, perfect location, and an attitude to match are the keys to keeping my followers on my trail and informing them about the benefits of sustainable fashion.”

Her page is professionally constructed and interspersed with snapshots of her life at home as a wife, cook, and mother. “I use my social media to create a bridge between people and me.” She says, “It helps me do what I do best in the best way.”

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