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How BuildMyBod Health increases efficiency for doctors and patients

Medical practices have jumped on the technology bandwagon in a big way. Deloitte found that 2018 and 2019 saw massive increases in investments from healthcare facilities in the area of technology.

Doctors have evolved and learned how to use tech to make their lives easier. One of the entrepreneurs fueling this tech adoption is Dr. Jonathan Kaplan.

His development of the automation tool known as BuildMyBod Health has garnered massive adoption among private practices.

Here, we explore some of the modern innovations that he’s noticed in the world of plastic surgery and medicine as a whole.

Remote telehealth and conferencing become popular

At the close of 2019, the world started panicking due to the covid-29 pandemic. Due to its rapid spread, plastic surgeons had to rely on new technological tools to help them keep in touch with their clients. They weren’t the only ones.

Net Health found that telehealth saw a boom in popularity as the pandemic made it necessary to consult with patients remotely. In many ways, it forces the evolution of the industry’s practices to embrace remote visits by clients.

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Teleconferencing tools that plastic surgeons typically use to connect with their clients include FaceTime and Zoom.

Both of these platforms offer secure connections, keeping patients’ data protected and allowing them the same privacy of an in-office consultation thanks to sophisticated end-to-end encryption.

The patient is usually required to sign a waiver, but the documentation and security protocols that these services include make it highly unlikely that a patient’s details will be leaked to malicious users.

Automation in Administration: BuildMyBod Health

Dr. Jonathan Kaplan’s contribution to the medical technological revolution is BuildMyBod Health.
The software suite was initially designed to address inefficiencies in interacting with clientele. Doctors would sometimes lose clients because they required a personal visit to offer a quote. Other times, clients would become frustrated by the lack of transparency in procedure pricing.
BuildMyBod Health was developed as Dr. Kaplan’s answer to this issue. Eventually, the software suite incorporated AI chatbots leveraging Natural Language Processing, allowing them to have a human-like conversation with clients and extract the relevant information.

The software would then forward the details to the surgeon and then send over an estimate of the cost for the client. As a value-based solution, it satisfies both the business and the consumer.

Increasing Strides in Med Tech

Aside from the apparent increase in vaccine development investment, other areas have seen massive growth as well. Medical technology is advancing rapidly, with innovations focusing on machine learning and incorporating IoT into devices for quicker feedback.

Private practices have begun using this new tech almost as soon as it hits the market. High rates of adoption coupled with in-depth market penetration suggest that tech will be the driving force behind medical innovation for years to come. Dr. Jonathan Kaplan firmly believes that it will increase the efficiency of care for both doctors and patients.

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