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Four things to do to improve your digital footprint

The reality of the world we currently live in is that certain opportunities will only come your way if you are visible. The sad truth, however, is that the most competent and skilled people are not the most visible online. That often limits their growth potential. If you haven’t taken your digital presence seriously, now is the time to do something about it. 

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The four practical tips I will share will help you to significantly improve your digital footprint. It is however important to note that consistency is key. Don’t adopt a haphazard approach. Be committed to turning around your digital presence by implementing these tips:

Create a blog or website. This is always my first advice to people who want to make their digital footprint stronger. Creating a blog or website allows you to develop content that you care about which can be pulled by Google. Another reason why it works is because blogging or creating your website allows you to do Search Engine Optimization so that when people search for your or your niche, your website will be part of the top results that will come up. That means you will use keywords strategically on your website and as you write every blog post. For example, you’ll need to add your name (as you want people to search for it on Google) to the tags and within the body of your posts as discreetly as possible. You also need to ensure that the content you share is one that will be valuable. What are your interests? What tips can you share? What professional knowledge do you have that others can benefit from? Those are examples of the kind of content you can share. 

Find platforms you can contribute to. Another good way to improve your digital footprint is to guest post for other platforms. Don’t be too focused on the big platforms if you are just starting out. Start with the platforms that are open to featuring your kind of content. As you do this consistently, opportunities to contribute articles to bigger platforms will arise. There are several platforms that are looking for guest writers and contributors with diverse expertise. As you post on your blog, also ensure that you distribute your content to other platforms, both online and offline. Over the years, my articles (on different topics) have been featured on a range of platforms including Y! Africa, Connect Nigeria, 234Finance, Leading Ladies Africa, Pride Magazine Nigeria, amongst others. As a side note, please ensure that you send in a well-written profile of yourself and use your name as a keyword strategically in the content you send in.

Share a signature content on social media. While it is not impossible to build a strong digital footprint without using the popular social media platforms, they make it easier for you to do so. I agree that it may be tedious to handle 3-4 social media platforms and post content regularly on those platforms. The key to this is to select at least one platform where you want to be very active and share signature content there consistently. Don’t get tired of reading that word. Your signature content is content that will be linked to you and will provide top of mind awareness in the mind of your audience. This content can be quotes, tips, hacks from your chosen field, industry insights or news etc. You determine what it should be but make sure you are consistent with it. 

Track your digital footprint. A good way to stay on top of your digital footprint is to make sure you track it. Google yourself periodically and set up Google Alert for your name. When a platform re-shares content from your blog on their website or someone mentions you on their platform, it may come out in the Google search results but you won’t know if you are not tracking your digital footprint. Tracking also allows you to stay on top of any negative news that may come out and you can address it quickly.

Make the decision to improve your digital footprint in this season and start with any of the tips you are comfortable with. 


About Adedoyin Jaiyesimi 

Adedoyin Jaiyesimi is the Chief Communications Consultant at The Comms Avenue, a capacity building and knowledge exchange platform for leading and innovative communications professionals across the world. The Comms Avenue offers high-level knowledge sharing meetings and training programs for communications professionals and corporate organizations. 

She has vast experience consulting for international organizations and top corporate executives and specializes in providing strategic communications consulting for development, philanthropic and corporate organizations, helping them to develop and implement a robust communications strategy.

Adedoyin has successfully executed projects for the W Community, Women in Business, Management and Public Service (WIMBIZ), Leading Ladies Africa, Heritage Bank, African Philanthropy Forum amongst others. She has been profiled on She Leads Africa, Leadership Newspaper and Lionesses of Africa. She was also featured as one of The Spark’s Visionary Women in 2019.

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