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Fashion is Great, Style is Eternal

After Eve ate the forbidden fruit and convinced her bae, Adam to eat it too, they realized they were naked and rushed to get coverings for their naked form- leaves. Since then leaves, animal skin, bones, horns, tusks and tails have transformed into clothes and accessories for men and women alike.
Clothing dates back thousands of years ago, but fashion started later when people used clothes, jewellery, and fabrics as status symbols. Style is the way you express yourself through what you wear and how you wear it.

Many people think you have to wear expensive clothes to have style, but fashion is a cycle. Take fur, for example

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At a time, it was classy to wear animal fur. It showed that you were from the upper class in society. Now high-fashion labels and brands have banned fur use, introducing alternatives like fake fur or faux fur. If you wore animal fur today, you would be considered a supporter of animal cruelty.

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In the 90s, it was fashionable to sport Afro hairstyles, with sweaters and miniskirts. Now, if you saw a person wear that on a regular day, you would probably wonder if you missed the memo for a costume party.

The fashion industry is one of the greatest because of the way trends inspire culture and lifestyle. But as common as new trends are, many of them do not stick. That is why it was fashionable to have only hats and scarves in your wardrobe seventy years ago, but not so much now.

If you’re ready to build your style, here are some tips to help you get started. You can be inspired by what is in vogue, but do not be dependent on it. Choose a balance between what you are comfortable in and what you look good wearing.
Of course, this is not an encouragement to wear pyjamas to work.

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Some of the items you need to start your style journey are tops and bottoms that you can wear and pair in several different ways. Find out what colours work for you, get clothes and accessories that look good on you.

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Black is always a good bet: you can never go wrong with black. Also, explore apps like Pinterest to give you an idea of how to piece your looks together.

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It is not often the people who wear the most expensive items we consider fashionable. Some of the posts we’ve liked on social media have people in outfits that appeared to fit their body type. Believe me, it’s always better to wear clothes that fit, than to get clothes you want to fit into.

If you have bought clothes just because they were costly or for validation and trends, you would probably continue to buy clothes to please people, and you deserve better than that.
Fashion is constantly in motion, and it’s alright to hop on trends, but the only way to have timeless class and stay good-looking is to discover your style and own it.
Good luck!

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