Does everything happen for a reason? -A Review of Fola Folagbade’s Don’t Call Me Lucky

Title: Don’t Call Me Lucky
Author: Fola Folagbade
Publisher: WORITAL
Year of Publication: 2022
Number of Pages: 99
Category: Memoir

Don’t Call Me Lucky is a memoir-meets-self-help book. A highly motivating book in which the author, Fola Folagbade, demonstrates how to be successful despite adversity.

Fola Folagbade is a tenacious and determined individual, as evidenced by the first page of his book. On the other hand, none of the events that occurred in his early life indicated that he would later become a creative genius.

The book depicts Folagbade’s struggle to make ends meet in Lagos, Nigeria. This book’s author’s writing style is excellent because it brilliantly combines conciseness and clarity. However, if the author had worked a little harder, he could have done a better job of visualizing Lagos for the reader.

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In the years leading up to his big break, Folagbade worked a variety of low-paying jobs before discovering a talent that would eventually change the course of his life. The book also emphasizes that every member of Folagbade’s family, including his mother and brother, possesses a vibrant personality as well as a diverse set of skills. They are determined to achieve their full potential, whatever that may be.

Whether he was a successful accountant or not, Folagbade developed an interest in and love for graphic design. Despite its simplicity, the book holds our attention as we turn the pages, learning something new about the author’s life with each turn.

Folagbade’s long battle with addiction is the subject of an entire chapter in his book. Regardless of the author’s candor, the content of this chapter conveys the author’s guilt and shame.

Despite its short length, the book elicits a strong emotional response from the reader. The reader will be saddened to learn that Fola lost his brother, but will be relieved to know that he was able to find a partner who was always there for him and supported him in everything he did. A relieved Folagbade knew he no longer had to worry about not receiving support or having his dreams shared.

In spite of the fact that Folagbade led an adventurous life, he did not begin his business as an exceptionally successful businessman. The author has learned a great deal about himself as well as his approach to running a business via his experiences with failure.

The author would often take a break from the story to express his admiration for his mentor, whom he had met through his wife. Mentor-mentee relationships are critical, and this book shed light on the importance of it.

And seeing how resilient people can be in the face of adversity is inspiring through all of his stories and anecdotes. And his thoughts on what makes a life meaningful, the value of purpose, are a valuable lesson to learn.

This is a story about tragedy, loss, and triumph, and Folagbade has much to be proud of because the life he’s created for himself is truly inspiring.

I would recommend this book to anyone who comes from a humble family as proof that you do not have to be trapped in your circumstances and that you can seek a better life for yourself.

About the reviewer
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