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Did she say yes? 3 suit styles for your big day

Oh wow! Did she say yes? I guess congratulations are in order then. I mean, I totally understand how tensed you must have felt when the thoughts of proposing crossed your mind. How do you even propose? Just the both of you in the room? Or would you rather have something a bit more extravagant? What if she said no? What if she passes out, and passes on to the land of no returns from there? Ha-ha! What if you wobble as you get on your knee – would they notice? I completely understand the jittering feeling.
But alas! You have successfully proposed and she’s said yes. That is exactly the go-ahead you need to further on the plans of fully bringing her home. It went as expected, so congratulations once again. Now, you want to make her and anyone who cares to see, that you very much know how to play this game and you understand how to literally sweep her off her feet with your unique sense of style. To this effect, the shoes, socks, tie, suit, pocket fillers, shirt and pants have to be well planned. Let’s delve right into it.

The Single-Breasted Suit with Peak Lapel
This style of wedding suit is best for men who just want to look simple and classic. It is borderline easy to execute, and has no preferred body type. It’s an easy access, and its why people love this suit style. Men feel easily drawn to this suit, and although most would regard it as traditional, the single-breasted suit rests on the shoulders of elegance, timelessness and classic.

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The Double-Breasted Suit
The double-breasted suit style is for men who are looking to liaise or interphase with both sophistication and simplicity. This modern suit style adds 100% lavishness to men who are willing to explore the intricacies upon which it was built. Although it sits perfectly on broad shoulders and muscular body type, it all in the end, really just clings to men who are willing to explore and take rewarding risks on their wedding day.

The Tuxedo
Tuxedos are the literal best. There’s really no selection or preference with this one. For those who do not know, the tuxedos are suits which have their lapels made of satin. They exude great senses of formality and class. Poise too. You literally cannot go wrong wearing a tuxedo. Another better part to this outfit is the fact that it could be worn with any color of shirt – white, black, blue? Just go ahead.

I’ll admit, getting married can be a pretty overwhelming experience and it especially gets better when you’re finally tying the knot with someone you feel a genuine connection with. To this effect, everything has appeared appropriately and that includes your sense of style.

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