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COVID-19 is not the grinch that gets to steal christmas

It has become a common joke that we should all just cancel the year 2020 from our calendars; it simply never happened.
It has undoubtedly been a tough year worldwide and it is no exaggeration to say we spent the better half of the year indoors and just trying to stay safe.
With December just a few days away, there is the hope that the holiday spirit might soothe our souls and let a little joy into our hearts. We are deserving of all the happiness we can get to ease the pain that this year brought many.

There is no denying that Lagos is the holiday capital in Nigeria; not in reference to tourist attractions but more accurately, the spirit of the city. Lagos is alive with enjoyment. Cheers to that!
“Are you in Lagos December??” Are you really the socialite you think you are?
The question that lingers on the minds of many, “Is there Detty December?” Well, so far, there is no indication that Detty December is the agenda, considering we are still in a pandemic.

However, Christmas is not cancelled.
This year, from all indications, we are to think smaller but definitely more creatively. A holiday beyond packed concerts and clubs.

Below are some options that make for a wonderful time away from crowded spaces.

Jara Beach Resort
This is such a great way to get away from home without having to go too far. Lagos is home to some very lovely beach resorts that are perfect for relaxation.
Jara beach resort, La Campagne Tropicana, Atican Beach Resort, Kamp Ikare Beach Resort, Epe Resorts and Spa and Inagbe Grand Resort are a few places to unwind and take in such beautiful scenery.
Visit their websites and travel blogs detailing experiences to find the right fit for you. Quite a number have to be accessed via waterways.
Escape to a beach resort today and find peace.

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The theatre scene in Lagos is fast expanding and offering robust experiences that fully immerse the audience in the world of the stories. The fusion of music, dance, drama, art, life-size sets and 3D mapping is nothing short of sensational.
Terra Kulture and Muson Centre are known as home to some of the best theatre productions in Lagos.
Tickets typically range from ₦5,000 – ₦15,000 for regular to VIP.
Be sure to get your tickets early, the sell out fast!


Searching for your inner Van Gogh? Try searching with a paintbrush in one hand and a wine glass in the other.
Learn and paint your own masterpiece in a relaxed environment in a sip and paint class.
Bonus point!! Your masterpiece (we hope) goes home with you and can finally give that pop of colour you have always wanted on the wall. Art on a budget.
A session, on average, costs about ₦8,000 with provisions for couple and group discounts.


Step 1: Follow a travel and tours brand now! is a great place to start. From nature walks to kayaking, paintballing to touring the country, boredom is a guaranteed thing of the past.
Dora the Explorer would be proud of you.


Get a few friends together and have a blast! Truth or dare is sooo boring, think bigger, think crazier!
Gidi words is a new favourite, our very own Nigerian guessing game. Do you just have a green passport or are you immersed in the Nigerian experience for real? If you do not have this aready, you can ask a friend to ask a friend, rent or order yours online.
It can get competitive very quickly, I hope the bonds of your friendships are strong enough to withstand the heat.

Jenga, Monopoly, Twister, cup games and even a mini treasure hunt are a few other ideas.
You would be amazed at the number of games that can come out of a single deck of cards.
Everyday household items are game tools waiting to be discovered. Find your inner child.
You have permission to go down the rabbit-hole of games night ideas on your browser. It is quite the exciting world.

The wonderful thing about these ideas is that they are not limited to the holidays alone and are ways to give yourself a break from your buttoned- up routine every once in a while.
Reminder: We are still in a pandemic. Please do continue to follow the safety guidelines and keep safe.

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