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Book Review: Digital: The New Code of Wealth

As Digital WealthBook celebrates one year since publishing, we decided to put together some reviews from the readers

In June 2019, J.J Omojuwa, published a book called Digital: The New Code of wealth. Almost a year later as the whole world has had to become digital the relevance of this book is very timely. In the year 2018, African startups surpassed $700 million in annual investments, from 450+ deals. All across the continent, people are deploying the power of digital platforms to make change happen. The last decade has seen a rise in new businesses, including online betting, new media powerhouses and the continued rise of Africa’s cultural superstars. Omojuwa captures all of these and more as he makes a data-backed argument that digital holds economic prospects for those on the continent willing to explore the power of technology.

This power can also be wielded in socio-political contexts. It is being used to take a solid stand for gender justice and has helped to expose corruption at scale. Though the digital space comes with challenges – such as access and security – its benefits promise to make good. Digital: The New Code of Wealth argues that the digital space offers the continent an opportunity to create collectives that can thrive together over the plethora of challenges being faced.

As Digital WealthBook celebrates one year since publishing, we decided to put together some reviews from the readers.

Public Reviews

“The book is doing me giz giz. Reading a chapter, you’d think that’s where all the treasure ends. Okay, I’m doing a thread on this. Then few lines into the next chapter, and you’re already lost in confusion—which one do I do now? Too good a book!” @akorive001

“In this world of the digital economy, @DGTLWealthBook is a must-read for would-be billionaires in promoting shared prosperity.”@JaphetPhilip

“Without famzing @omojuwa, I can say this is one of the most professionally published books I’ve bought in recent times. Texture, content, feel and impact. All on point. I should get more copies for more friends” @sobafemi

“@DGTLWealthBook, A book that exposes the wealth hiding in the 4th industrial revolution authored by @Omojuwa. We recommend this book for individuals, institutions ad corporate organizations. Go get a copy”@hypemanafrica

“I loved reading #DigitalWealthBook long before it was published. From the first skim, I knew this was a goldmine. The author has, with this work, distinguished himself from the pack of digital natives who became influencers across the Nigerian, West African and African virtual communities. I unreservedly recommend this book to every entrepreneur, student and even middle-aged individual who not only wants to be relevant but also intends to maximize the knowledge economy for multi-faceted benefits. JJ does not just demonstrate his unique grasp of the digital ecosystem in #DigitalWealthBook but lends credence to the work of others – visionaries and practitioners alike – through the highlighted success stories featured and a few more whom he invites to share experiences in interviews. And through all these, he makes a business case – too strong and poignant to be ignored – about why digital is the frontier for the present and future.” Amazon review.

“For me, the book ‘digital: the new code of wealth’ is first of its kind, blazing the trail on a subject that is easily the most talked about but yet deeply misunderstood and mis-applied. The pragmatic precepts in the book are timely for a generation that is wont to squander time and resources on social media platforms and yet gain little or nothing. The book teaches how to derive personal value and wealth from using social media and the author’s well documented successes in the digital space are illustrative of the realness of the precepts taught in the book. I started reading once it was delivered and couldn’t put it down. It is a page turner and very relatable.” Olu Kunuji


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